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  • What’s your name?
  • Which country do you come from?
  • Do you own an ePaper tablet? If so, which kind? (e.g. reMarkable 2, Boox Note Air, etc.)
  • What would you like to learn from the other members of this site?

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[quote=“inkweaver, post:1, topic:126”]

  • Grahame Rendell
  • Bermuda
  • reMarkable 2 owner (for 1 month - have over 100 documents and wide-array file structure)
  • WorkFlow using rM2 for Zettlekasten notetaking methodology and referenced writing.
  • Creating templates without ‘hacking’ into the System
  • Fluid navigation and changing order of pages within a Notebook

I am interested in this, do you have any advice about how to use this methodology on paper tablets?

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Hello everyone! I have the Boox Note Air and would like to learn what are the best templates for productivity. I use this tablet both for work and home so I am also interested in synchronizing different folders to different accounts.

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