Toolboox installation parsing error

When I try to install Toolboox 1.1.4-00 on my NovaPro, I get this error message:

Parse error
There was a problem parsing the package.

I have downloaded the APK several times, on different days, always with the same result. It’s a reasonable size (15.97MB), so looks OK. My Boox has the latest firmware, & everything else is operating smoothly.

@gabor.auth FYI

@Xymbl any chance you could upload the exact APK here for us to compare? I’m not able to reproduce: on my Note Air the same version installs perfectly fine.

Here’s the APK:
toolboox-prod-release-1.1.4-00.apk (16.0 MB)

I wonder if the problem might have something to do with the Android version. The NovaPro is still running 6.0.1.

That seems to be it! I analyzed the APK and found the following:

    android:targetSdkVersion="29" />

According to the Android documentation site, SDK version 26 corresponds to Android 8.0.

@gabor.auth is it intentional that the APK is built to work with Android 8.0+? Or is it possible for you to reduce the minSdkVersion so that this can run on Nova Pro too?

At the moment, the 8.0+ supported because of the enhanced calendar support:

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