TCL NXTPAPER - Color Paper-like Screen

Thoughts on the new NXTPAPER Android tablet announced by TCL? As stated by The Verge:

TCL has announced the NXTPAPER 8-inch tablet using technology it teased with its IFA 2020 announcements, which the company calls an “artistic combination of screen and paper.” The tablet features a full-color display without backlighting to reduce power consumption and provide a comfortable, E Ink-like viewing experience.

Apparently this is coming in April to customers in Europe. How does this compare to the E Ink Kaleido screens already available on devices like the Pocketbook Color?

Will we be seeing an Onyx Boox Note Air Color device in 2021 using an NXTPAPER screen? :smile:

This looks incredible! I would love to try this or even better a reMarkable 3 with a Color E Ink display. Rumors say that color E Ink screens are coming in 2021 and I hope reMarkable will include this in the rM3.

What pixel density does the NXTPAPER screen have? If it is 300ppi that would be a game changer.