rM2 Template Helper - Community Templates

I’ve installed the rM2 Template Helper app and it’s super helpful! But I can only see the templates from my reMarkable available to download.

How do I find the other free community templates that are shown on the site? I want the Habit Tracker, My Great Day and Daily Task list.

When in doubt, always check the rM2 Template Helper Manual. It has a section about community templates that describes how to get access to all the free templates:

Click on “Add community template” to open customizing form.

  1. Click on “Download new community templates” to download all available templates to your computer. Since the templates are constantly being added to, you should download them every time. Drag your picture into the desired area.
  2. Select a template with a click of the mouse. You can find a preview and information about this template on the right. You can choose the name (English / German) or enter it individually. Be careful not to use any special characters.
  3. Click on “Use selected community template” to apply the template to your templates.

Now all you have to do is upload the templates to your reMarkable as described above.

All downloaded images are saved in the application CommunityTemplates folder (“c:\RM2 Template Helper\CommunityTemplates”).

And here’s a screenshot of the respective section in the app:

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