reMarkable Wiki 2021

This wiki contains a summary of the most important resources for those who own (or are considering buying) the reMarkable paper tablet.


Where to buy the reMarkable 2?

We recommend to purchase from a local store if possible so that you have local warranty and a good returns policy.

If this is not possible, you can purchase directly from reMarkable at However, many people have difficulty contacting the company directly for support or returns, which is why we recommend local stores if they stock this device. Purchasing directly from reMarkable is still safe, as long as you are prepared for potentially slow response for any email queries.

Can you install apps on the reMarkable?

There is no app store for the reMarkable, only the pre-installed apps are officially supported. The device is intentionally minimalistic, so that you can focus exclusively on writing without the distractions of a typical tablet.

However, there are plenty of third-party applications available for the reMarkable. They just take a little bit more technical knowledge to install. See this thread for more details.

Does the reMarkable support custom templates?

Officially, no. Only the templates provided with the reMarkable by default are supported.

However, it is possible to sideload additional templates using third-party tools. For example, rM2 Template Helper provides a gallery of free community templates for download.

You can also find a list of reMarkable templates here on the ePaper Hub community.

Does the reMarkable support drawing in color?

No, the reMarkable only supports drawing in black, white, and grey. But you can export the notebooks with custom colors using desktop tools such as reSyncable.

Future reMarkable devices may feature color E Ink screens, but this has not yet been announced.


Free reMarkable Tools

Paid reMarkable Tools

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