reMarkable Console

Hi All, i bought a remarkable a few weeks ago and was schocked by the export quality. So i programmed in java a better exporter to SVG, PNG and PDF. Put it under GPL3 to Have Fun, Matthias

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Welcome, Matthias, and thanks for sharing!

Editor’s note: I moved this post to a new thread since it’s worth discussing on its own. I also added your tool to the wiki list.

This tool looks great. One of the biggest flaws with any of the paper tablets on the market today is export quality. Your tool does a lot to bridge the gap here and help people preserve their notes in the best possible quality.

Quick question: there are instructions for registering with the web app and also for connecting over SSH. Do you need to use both, or is it possible to use the reMarkable Console with only a One-Time-Code from the web app?