reMarkable 2 - Review Roundup

The reMarkable tablet with a paper-like E-ink display has been getting loads of publicity lately. It seems that almost everyone has seen the Facebook ads. But what is it really like to use the tablet? I’ve collected a round-up of the best reviews I could find from people with hands-on experience using this tablet.

My Deep Guide

Voja from My Deep Guide is something of a legend in the ePaper community. His videos are always excellent, and his in-depth review of the reMarkable 2 is no exception.

Tech Media

The tech industry is largely positive about the reMarkable 2. A few of the best reviews are:

Mainstream Media

Not only tech magazines are talking about the reMarkable. This year, Time Magazine listed the reMarkable 2 in their best inventions of 2020. Check it out!

… and more?

Are there more reviews of the reMarkable tablet that I’ve missed? Or would you like to share your own experience? Let me know by commenting below, and I’ll keep this post updated with the latest links that are shared.

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