Remarkable 2 Book Folio Cover

Anyone know where I can get a book folio cover for my remarkable 2 that isn’t crazy expensive?


The official folio is 99 EUR (or 149 EUR if you want leather), so I agree it is very expensive relative to the value of the device itself. I have the regular gray polymer weave book folio and it is well-made, but still doesn’t feel like something that would cost 99 EUR.

Unfortunately I don’t know of any other cost-effective options :frowning_face: On Etsy I can only find one popular book folio for the reMarkable 2, but it’s even more expensive. Wonderful quality and good reviews, but very, very expensive.

Even the Chinese manufacturers on Aliexpress don’t seem to have created any products for the newer tablets like reMarkable 2 or Boox Note Air yet.

My advice would be to get the official book folio, unless you’re willing to wait 6-12 months for third-party models to come out.

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There are some cheap reMarkable 2 cases on eBay. A few that look good:

The official book folio cover is still the best IMHO. It attaches to the tablet magnetically which is something I haven’t seen in any of the third-party covers available, including the “HANDandHIDE” cover on Etsy you linked above.

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