Onyx Boox Firmware v3.1?

When will firmware version 3.1 be released? Onyx mentions it in their latest teaser video:

#Nova3Color​, our brand new 7.8" color E Ink tablet, and our latest V3.1 Firmware.

#Nova3​ Color offers much writing and reading features. Using the latest E Ink color display (Kaleido Plus) and BOOX color algorithm, it can show 4,096 relaxing soft colors.

Under the hood is the latest BOOX V3.1 firmware, flexible Android 10 OS, upgraded octa-core CPU, 32GB Storage, adjustable front lights, dual-band Wi-Fi, and BT5.0. It supports a Wacom stylus with 4096-level pressure sensitivity and capacitive touch. You can write, draw and read with fun on it.

Will the Boox v3.1 firmware be coming to older devices too? I’d love to have Boox Note Air with 3.1 firmware. I hear it has screen recording feature too?

According to MobileRead forums firmware v3.1 has many new features:

  • Recording audio notes in the notes app
  • Original books styles in NeoReader
  • Screen Recording
  • More shapes, styles and canvas settings in notes app
  • Improved file sharing
  • Side gestures to adjust frontlight/volume
  • App sorting in launcher
  • Annotation sharing via email

Even more reason why this should be released for older devices too!

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Firmware version 3.1 has now been released for older Onyx Boox devices:


The new firmware version is 3.1 and it’s being rolled out to Onyx’s latest models, which includes the Max Lumi, the Note Air and Note3, the Nova3, and the Poke3. Onyx says older devices will be getting the 3.1 update at a later time.

Onyx demoed some of the new 3.1 software features in their unveiling video for the new Nova3 Color that was just released.

Here’s a list of the main changes with the 3.1 update:

  • New screen recording feature can record up to 2 hours.
  • Wirelessly share notes, pictures, and files with phones and tablets.
  • Customizable side gestures added to adjust things like frontlight level, volume, and contrast.
  • More contrast controls added.
  • New sorting options in App Drawer.
  • Long-press words in default dictionary app to look up its definition.
  • NeoReader improvements—show original ePub styles, add links to documents, share annotations via email.
  • More shapes, lines, and border styles added to Notes App, along with the ability to record audio notes.

I still don’t see it for the Note Air :frowning: