How to update reMarkable to software release 2.6

Remarkable software version 2.6 is here! With some cool new features:

In software update 2.6, we’ve introduced new gestures: pinch to zoom, and a two-finger pan to move around the page once you’re zoomed in. We’ve also improved the look and feel of PDFs and ebooks. Navigation links within PDFs are now supported, landscape files will appear in the correct orientation, and ebooks benefit from a range of visual upgrades.

The most exciting for me is pinch to zoom. This feature was sorely lacking on the reMarkable and I was hoping they would fix it in the reMarkable 2 but it was not until now. There are also nice improvements to ebook formatting.


How to update to version 2.6? If you don’t already see the update on your device you can follow these instructions to find a device ID and force the update.

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