How to read websites on reMarkable?

Very useful tips here on how to use the reCatchable tool to save entire websites to the reMarkable for easy reading.

As a reMarkable 2 owner, I have noticed that I cannot browse websites because of the lack of a web browser on the device. I can still use the Read on reMarkable Google Chrome extension. The problem is that it only lets me send individual pages to my reMarkable. I would like to be able to send a whole website to the reader.

That is where reCatchable comes into play. This tools lets me package a whole website into a book, then upload it to my reMarkable.

In the background it uses these technologies:

And the output looks like this:

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This looks helpful but it’s hard to use as a command line tool. Is there any way it could be turned into a Chrome extension or offered as a service on some website?