How to install KOReader on reMarkable?

What’s the best way to install KOReader on the reMarkable 1? I see a lot of instructions for reMarkable 2 but not so much for the first version of this tablet. There are some YouTube tutorials but I find them hard to follow.

I recommend following these instructions:

The installation section of this tutorial says:

  1. SSH into your device and install Toltec
echo "46f556b06f5624b48e974ae040b6213828eff6aa2cc78618a4d8961a27cdc8b3  bootstrap" | sha256sum -c && bash bootstrap
  1. For reMarkable 1 run:
opkg install koreader
  1. Launch KOReader:
systemctl start koreader

If you’re on Windows, you first need to install an SSH client.

If you want to launch KOReader using the middle button on your reMarkable, follow these instructions after completing the installation.

Hope this helps! If you still have any problems, please share the error message and screenshots of where you get stuck and maybe we can help more.

Thanks for your advice, i have koreader on remarkable 1 however problem i have it keeps crashing do you have any advice. John

Koreader keeps crashing on remarkable 1 when i push middle key. Help.

Which version of koreader do you have? There was a similar issue where it would crash when sleep activated for the reMarkable 1 in the past: