How to draw with multiple colors on the reMarkable 2

People often ask me “how can I use more colors on the reMarkable (e.g. red, blue, etc.)?”. This is perhaps one of the most frequent feature requests for this device.

Unfortunately, reMarkable itself does not directly support any additional colors. They provide white, black, and various shades of light and dark grey out-of-the-box. But since the E Ink screen itself is only greyscale, they do not support drawing or annotating in additional colors.

There is a hack though! Thanks to rM2 Template Helper (reSyncable module) you can change the colors of the black/grey/highlighter tools to whatever you desire.

The changed colors apply when viewing the exported PDF on the computer. The original file remains untouched on your reMarkable device. Only the version visible in reSyncable and in the exported PDF will be modified.

A screenshot of the reSyncable software with the color options visible:

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Thanks! This is so much better than the official reMarkable app!

I hope they come out with a reMarkable Color device soon. Until then I will use reSyncable to add red and yellow to my color pallet.