How to cast screen from Boox Note Air to Mac or Linux PC

The Boox Note series (Note Air, Note 3, etc.) support Android 10 and live screen-cast to Windows machines using Miracast. Unfortunately, Mac and Linux support is not included. Nor is Chromecast.

I found a great alternative though: AnyDesk works for screencasting from Note Air. There are desktop apps available for every platform you can imagine, so this is an easy way to cast the Note Air screen onto your Macbook or Linux PC.

Let me know if you have any questions about this process. I can create a tutorial if it would be helpful.

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Now it works for me with Chromecast!

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Now that Chromecast is supported, what’s the best way to cast from Note Air to PC? Still AnyDesk or are there better apps?

AnyDesk still works. I have also successfully used AirServer, Reflector 4, and Vysor apps to enable screen sharing from the Note Air to my Windows PC. Here are the links to download:

The first two work using Chromecast wirelessly. Vysor is a bit different because it uses Android developer mode with USB debugging to capture the screen. It is possible to switch to wireless after installing the client over USB, but it does require a tethered physical connection to get it set up initially.