Getting started with

Would like to see what the first steps would be for a beginner like me to utilize this I have a Boox Max3 and would like to understand what I need to do on this device to get started. And do I also use the APK on my laptop so they communicate? I am sorry but just trying to understand how I begin without breaking anything or losing any files/features I currently have on my Max3.


Welcome, Jason! Thanks for taking the time to join. A few answers for you:

No, the APK is only to install on your tablet. But you can click the “TeamDrawer” button to view and edit the shared notes. These are visible to anyone else in the world who also downloads the ToolBoox app.

Currently the TeamDrawer “Chit-chat” folder contains a note titled “Hello” that is also visible from your computer on the ToolBoox homepage :smiley:

The most useful feature for me (besides the TeamDrawer) is the Templates section. This can be used to export custom calendar templates for writing notes in the default Boox note-taking app.

The best way to get started with this to check out Gabor’s PDF template tutorial. After clicking “Export”, you’ll see the template under the “Local” tab in your notes:

New features are always being added of course! Are there any other features that you’d like to suggest?


Ok so this is an app I download from the Google Play store or the App Store icon on my Boox device? Instead of having the shared notes visible to anyone in the world who also is on the ToolBoox app will there be a way to only have it show to other selected users with Boox devices maybe using their MAC address or IP address if they connect to wifi?

You download the app by visiting through the web browser on your Boox device. It’s not listed on Google Play or the App Store AFAIK.

There is no way to restrict shared notes right now. @toolboox_support are there any plans to add this feature?

Ok, and downloading this APK is not going to mess with the current APK from Onyx in anyway? Will it then show up in my Apps with the other apps I currently have after downloading? I don’t want to lose any features or cause any current features to not work. I definitely see many uses for this APK but just am cautious on installing third party apps.

Yes, exactly! I installed it and now it appears in my “Apps” list with all the other apps. It didn’t interfere with any of my other features or apps at all.

Generally third-party Android apps are popular so if you trust the author (Gabor Auth for this app) it’s quite safe to install an APK without risk of damaging your device.