Cloud sync for annotations and highlights

Hey, is there anyone here who uses Readwise or Instapaper or something similar to collect their annotations and highlights from NeoReader? For example: collect study notes for an exam session at end of semester. How do you achieve this?

Or even better is there a cloud service where you can collect and upload these highlights, then forward them to Obsidian or Roam Research in markdown format? That would be perfect for students!

Highlights are exported as .txt files that can be browsed and synced just like any other files on your device.

This Reddit user has some tips on exporting and syncing these files:

What I do is I export my notes and highlights then I connect the ereader to my computer. From their I copy the notes to my desktop. I open up Calibre and go to the book I finished reading and click “open path” I make a new folder called “notes” inside the books path folder the drag and drop the notes into it. I sync Calibre with Google Drive and have my books and notes with me everywhere

Would this workflow be suitable for you? Otherwise you could also try using Zotero with ZotFile for Android: