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Screen Share on v2.9 – not working - by LockeSpencer with 0 comments

As part of the rM beta program I now have v2.9.0.153 of the software. Screen Share is not working with my setup. I have my laptop and rM on the same network on a University campus. I wonder if perhaps some other rM is on campus and it also has the same local network name (the remarkable hostname for all devices is `remarkable’).

Has anyone else had trouble getting screenshare to work on v2.9?

Does the official `1screen share’ support custom backgrounds?


Note: I had rmview working fine before the v2.9 update, and now when I try to use rmview something interesting happens. Normal use and the rmview does not work with an error message that the connection was refused. Starting up rmview after I have enable a document to screen share from the rM, and then rmview gives me a blank page, but shows the red laser pointer. This makes me think that the official screen share will not work with custom background templates.

rmview on RM2: can you help test the new server? - by judecrot with 0 comments

Thanks to the amazing work of u/woven-amor-fati (aka @pl-semiotics) rmview has a new VNC server that should be compatible with RM2 up to version 2.8 out of the box, without the libcrypto workarounds, and compatible to rm2fb too!
We just need somebody to test it on RM2.
I posted an issue with instructions on GitHub:

I would appreciate your feedback there!

Please note: the server is known not to work on the 2.9 beta; that needs further investigation. My plan would be for rmview to support the built-in server of 2.9 (there is already work on that by the amazing ddvk) but that will have to wait until 2.9 is officially released.

What case you recommend for RM2? - by Euphoric_Accident_39 with 0 comments

I am considering buying the RM2 and I would like to know what case you recommend

Light grey small grid template? - by Jacky1802 with 0 comments

I recently got my reMarkable and am liking it so far. I use it for university and mostly need the small grid template.

When I played around with the desktop app today and exported a notebook as a pdf, I noticed how dark the grid lines are in comparison to the screen. Thats a problem because it makes reading my math (in a thin fineliner) difficult.

Is there a grid with a light grey colour or sole other way to fix this?

Getting PDFs on the device? - by Easy_Joke3484 with 0 comments

Hi there, I’m on Linux connecting to the device through SSH. I know how to do SFTP but not sure where to put the files so that they are recognized by the advice. I’m guessing I also might have to add some metadata as well?

Any help would be appreciated!

Norris Jumbo with marker+ nib - by marjking with 0 comments

New to Reddit and not really sure this goes so hope it finds a helpful location.

Just received the Norris Jumbo as a back up to my new reMarkable2 marker plus. Standard issued nip def more glossy and slidey compared to the marker+, as reported. I did the recommended drill out method to fit the marker+ nips because I perfer the feel but it was def a tedious little process. I hand drilled out the end with the closest bit I could find to the nib dia. I rotated the bit a couple times and would try the marker+ on the tablet until it was comparable and to my liking. There was def a spot where the pen interaction with the tablet was bad and I had to back off some on how far the nib was inserted. So I guess only go there if its worth the risk to you.

After that the Norris Jumbo worked perfectly. The eraser is a joy to use and really makes me wonder why and how a softer coating wasn’t added to the marker+…must be some really thin margins there. Unfortunately, there is no magnet so it remains a replacement for now, especially since I found it to be about the same dia as the marker+ with less weight.

Overall device review-Excellent!!! replacement
for my daily log and notes as a Mechanical Engineer with multiple teams, meetings, calcs and projects to manage on a daily basis.

PSA: rM2 WiFi issue: try non-DFS channels - by jeep-n-dogs with 0 comments

Thought I’d share with y’all my experience solving a weird WiFi issue on rM2 after spending a frustrating few hours on it.

TLDR: rM2 doesn’t seem to support DFS channels on 5GHz.

I got my rM2 last night and was very happy with the purchase. However today I noticed a weird issue where rM2 would show the WiFi icon, but also the cloud icon with a cross (cannot connect to the cloud). I further noticed that when this is happening, I cannot SSH onto rM2, even though it is showing an IP in About, and my APs are seeing the device.

After a lot of trial and error, including moving to different rooms in the house ( I have whole house wired with UniFi APs in different rooms, all sharing same SSID), I found out that rM2 does not seem to support DFS channels ! For instance, in my office my UniFi was auto-tuned to channel 140 (DFS), and I would experience this issue. My great room UniFi was tuned to channel 40 and I was able to use rM2 in that room just fine! So the solution for me was to manually allocate my office UniFi to a non-DFS channel.

* The most frustrating part of this particular issue was that it does not manifest as dropped connection, rather both the rM2 and my APs show the device is connected, and IP address assigned, but it simply fails to actually connect to the Internet!

** I know many people “solved” the problem by having separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz SSIDs, but it was not feasible for me to update dozens of devices that are already connected to the dual-band SSID (and the OCD in me hate to see so many SSIDs popping up). So if you’re in the same boat, maybe give this a try.

Lines drawn with a ruler. Wobbles along the surface, always in the same spot. Defect? - by M0romete with 0 comments

Too late? - by ExperienceBrief7314 with 0 comments

Is it too late to get the RM2?

Will the RM3 come out any time soon?

Also, is it worth paying £50 more for the pen which has the rubber function. Are the settings to use the eraser that complicated?


RM2 won’t charge past 70% - by PhantomNomad with 0 comments

Not sure what’s going on. My rm2 was down to about 25% power so I plugged it in to a USB 3 port on my computer. It charged up to 70% and won’t go past this. I unplugged it for a day (it auto shut down) then plugged it back in this morning. It turned on and it shows 70% charge. It’s been plugged in for 4 hours now and it’s still at 70%. Any one see this problem before?

Ridiculously long battery life? - by Knox_Dawson with 0 comments

I have both RM1 and RM2. Since recent updates, I’ve noticed something that was not true before:

If I Power off the tablet, the battery level stays at 100% seemingly indefinitely. Days later (lately, I’ve gone days without writing anything), the level still says 100%.

I looked through posts here to see if anyone else has remarked (heh) on this. Am I alone?

Checklist boxes are cut off? Is this normal for this template? I’ve had the product for 2 days and I’m concerned it could be defective. - by usnobl with 2 comments

£40 off referral code on the RM2. - by iliveinacaves with 0 comments

I just got my Remarkable 2 thanks to a referral code from someone. If you want £40 off, use this code. For transparency you should know that I’ll also get a cash reward for whoever signs up.


Enjoy your day guys.

Shipping Time - by ExpeditionPeace with 0 comments

How long does it take for them to ship a tablet? I just ordered mine. I live in the U.S and I’m wondering about how long it might take. Thank you!

Magnetic connector instead of USB-C - by Folaefolc with 0 comments

I think that the USB-C connector of the tablet (not the cable) is quite fragile and I’m always afraid of breaking it when the tablet is charging, because the cable doesn’t lie flat on the table since I have a book folio.

So I was thinking about putting those little USB-C to magnet thing in the port, and use those magnetic cables, but I don’t have any experience with that (will it still charge with the same speed? Will file/data transfer be possible and will it be degraded?), so I’m asking if some of you feel the same, and tried this solution.

Remarkable tips - by Fajeereeek with 0 comments

Hi everyone! Can anyone tell me what’s the difference between rm1 white/black tips and rm2? They look the same but have different prices

I am afraid this is not supposed to happen… - by Square_Cry1431 with 1 comments

Remarkable 2 and PDFs - by iamdefman with 0 comments

I am very interested in Remarkable 2 and have the following question: How good is the Remarkable 2 at cropping PDF? I would like to use it mainly for reading scientific papers and wonder how well it can handle this task.

is the remarkable 2 good for a simple man? - by Budget-Bid2098 with 0 comments


i am more and more interested in the remarkable 2, but i am afraid that i dont need that much features from it.

i was actually just looking for a paper tablet for my mba.

most important thing i need is to upload PDFs and just start writing on it - would be nice to send it back to my pc / or anywhere else.

next thing i might consider as useful for me is to create a lot of folder (and sub folder inside) to organize everything i need.

less important but still nice to have is a scheduler (weekly!)

is the remarkable a bit too much of an investment for my needs? i dont mind spending money on useful things. but id like to know if there are any other digital paper tablet i can use for my needs


Dark shading appears on page randomly - by justin514hhhgft with 0 comments