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Can anyone give me a referral link for remarkable 2?Please!! - by aryuna_buryat with 1 comments

Can anyone give me a referral link for remarkable 2? Please!

Generate a notebook with an arbitrary number of sections and pages from LaTex by editing 2 lines. A modified version Ba–Alexs’ Linked Notebook. - by SquareMembership with 0 comments

A couple of days ago there was a post by Ba–Alex which had a notebook with 10 sections and 10 pages per section.

I’ve made a modified version of it that generates any number of sections and pages for you on Overleaf;

The default is currently to generate 10 sections of 10 pages each but an adjustment to the range values on lines 33 and 39 will allow you to set the number of sections and pages to any quantity you want.

As this is my first use of LaTex in at least 15 years (and even then I think it was only to glance at it and pass on by) I would almost guarantee that there’s something I’ve done wrong or that isn’t optimal in it so I’ll happily make any adjustments that anyone wants to suggest.

Next steps include learning how to do page backgrounds so I can add dot grids, lines, boxes etc. to pages if desired.

[My Deep Guide] Revisiting Writing Latency: Remarkable 2, Supernote A5X, Boox Note Air (rM2 scores best with a big difference) - by plan5 with 0 comments

Can things like Lynx or other command line software be installed using fingerterm? - by keyilan with 0 comments

It’s a shame that there’s no browser. I used one fairly often on older Kindles even though it was pretty terrible. I’d love to be able to do basic things like read a website without needing to send it from my laptop, or check my email/Slack, or even just killing some time on Reddit with TUIR.

What are the limitations through the terminal? For example is python/pip installed/installable?

Sorry if this has been answered before. I didn’t find it after searching the sub.

goMarkableStream: two new features - orientation and screenshot - by owulveryck with 0 comments


I’ve updated the goMarkableStream tool with two new experimental features:

- The client offers the ability to take screenshot in png with a transparent background

- The client tries to detect the orientation (portrait or landscape) and change the mjpeg stream accordingly.

For this last feature, it looks like you need to refresh the page on your browser to get the new orientation. On top of that, it detects the orientation only when the round top menu is displayed and in the lower position (meaning menu is hidden).

Any comment welcome.



P.S. thank you for your kind words. This is a toy project, and I am very glad that some people find it usefull.

Some nice notes I took today. Pinch to zoom is really functional for drawing graphs! - by Urdicrates with 0 comments

Papeer alpha - April 2021 update - by lapwat with 0 comments

Has anyone found a click pen? - by Feminist_Witch_ with 0 comments

Has anyone found a click pen that they love for the remarkable? I want a pen that retracts to protect then nib plus… I just love the click…

Ghost lines Between Letters - by sebass4123 with 2 comments

Fillable PDF Forms - by Peter_L_Hurd with 0 comments

So I have a fillable pdf, I’m supposed to enter soe text into boxes, then sign it (not with an acrobat signature, but I’m supposed to use a stylus on a tablet, or paste a jpg of my signature) then I’m supposed to pass the form on to several other people who are supposed to do the same thing.

I thought this would be a piece of cake on my remarkable2, but:

  1. the filled textboxes show up as blank on my remarkable2 (but filled on several different pdf viewers on my PC) - this isn’t critical to have work, but it is disappointing. I tdon’t think I can print out the file to a pdf and then import that pdf because the fillable textboxes for the people after me still need to be fillable.

  2. the signature I enter on my remarkable2 isn’t visible in the exported pdf. I tried several viewers. This is mystifying, my marks on other pdfs export fine. Can remarkable2 not export lines on fillable pdfs?!

LiveView via the web: would you use this? - by php_guy123 with 0 comments

Hello! Last week, I posted details describing how the live view protocol works. I’m thinking of turning this into a little website where you can connect your tablet, and then create shareable links so that others (coworkers, etc) can also see what is happening on your document.

The idea is to be able to do a screen cast of a document without installing any additional software on your device, connecting via USB, or using SSH. (Which are all completely useful and reasonable ways to connect!)

Is this something you’d use?

I’ve created a little google form asking for feedback on this idea. I would be very grateful for your thoughts!

Colored notes - by Alive_Ad_2261 with 0 comments

Hello everyone,
I’m using remaPy to export colored notes.
I have this problem: when I don’t set any color for a layer and I export the note with remaPy, it changes the default colors to violet and red. In particular black becomes violet and gray becomes red. There is a way to set it to default colors?

Thank you in advance.

Monthly, weekly and daily planner - my way! A preview. What do you think? - by giulioc84 with 2 comments

Sync notes - by Dev1nius with 0 comments

Is there any tool which syncs todo lists between a computer and my remarkable?

OCR is not necessary for me.

Lamy with a button :slight_smile: It clicks. Nothing more. - by plan5 with 0 comments

Referral code please! - by happyw0rm with 0 comments

Does someone have a referral code to share? Thanks in advance!

Anyone been able to add fonts in koreader? - by Jab2870 with 0 comments

So, I’ve tried adding files to /usr/share/fonts and ~/.local/share/fonts. The fonts show up with fc-list but I can’t select it in koreader.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Newspaper reading - by PhantomNomad with 0 comments

Is there any third part apps that can download news articles from subscribed news papers? Specifically Canadian news papers. I really like the size of the reMarkable for reading on compared to my tablet screen.

Swipe up to toggle between pen and erasure in Zen Mode doesn’t do anything - by megrenkim with 0 comments

I am using rm2 and installed remarkable-hacks. when I switch to Zen Mode, and try to change the pen to an erasure by swiping up toward the Z icon, nothing happened. is it just me?

I can’t find a review of the remarkable 2 poly weave BOOK folio, and I have questions. - by SquirrelMusings with 0 comments

I’m wanting to buy the poly weave book folio because I’m guessing it’s lighter than the leather and I want to protect the screen when it’s not in use (I know that if I’m at home I’ll be too lazy or forgetful to put it in the sleeve folio, which isn’t good since I tend to pile things on top of each other when I’m on the couch or laying things on my bedside table). However I’m also concerned about traveling with it since I’m clumsy AF, so I’m wondering if I need to buy an extra protective cover for when I’m on the go.

  1. Will this cover be good protection against the R2 being dropped onto hard surfaces like concrete or hard wood floors?

  2. Will it last last a long time (e.g 5 years, or preferably more) with rough handling pulling it in and out of my bag? E.g will the material tear or start to pull away from the inner lining?

  3. Is the back of the folio plastic or poly weave?

  4. Does it come with a pocket?