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Saw a post about 3d printing you sketch on here and thought I try it my self. It’s just a test run but it’s going good so far. - by nebur116 with 0 comments

Update with the next few days… the tablet is huge, when just reading. When you start using wifi, it starts usimg the batteries alot - by TheZitroX with 0 comments

New drawing of Gracie - by Kelemek with 0 comments

RCU RM2 Not Connecting on Mac - by midnight4805 with 0 comments

I can’t seem to get past the Connection Dialog. When I connect RM2 to my Mac (High Sierra) it shows that it’s charging but when I add in the info in the Connection Dialog and press connect, a message pops up saying that the connection is unsuccessful and I have to check if my device is even plugged in or on. Is anyone else getting this issue to? What am I doing wrong?

Shortcut sheet as a screensaver - by SAKDOSS with 1 comments

How do u organise ur notebooks and files? - by NotebookOfThinkers with 0 comments

Hi guys,

How do u guys organise your notebooks and files. I do a lot of writing. Jumping from nonfictoon to fiction, realism to fantasy and so on. Just bleeds out into blends of eachother. I thought of moving sheets into new notebooks or other notebooks if it fits better, after writing. However, i could never really organise my writing. The freedom is driving me into creative chaos. Lol. Any ideas? Please provide specific personal examples, os i can better understand how u do/ deal with it.


I ordered my rm2 sunday and still got not shipping email. Is that normal ( I’m used to getting shipping emails 1 day after ) - by Helasri with 0 comments

Sometimes a cartoon will appear in a dream. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re not. Thoughts? Did this yesterday during breakfast and lunch. - by Mark14711 with 0 comments

I’m doing a presentation and I really need help answering where does reMarkable stand in the Boston Matrix. I’d appreciate all the help! Thank you in advance! - by chipmunksunite with 0 comments

Curious as to why the tablet is only $399 USD, but $599 CAD. With price conversion, it should only be around $510 CAD - by gebbatron with 0 comments

Yus. - by the_blck_adder with 0 comments

Remarkable 2 screen break - by average_canuck with 0 comments

Remarkable 2 random screen break - by average_canuck with 0 comments

I love(d) my Remarkable 2 until - in the middle of using it - my screen broke. No trauma, no drops, others did not use it, an upgraded portfolio to ensure against exactly this given how thin it is. Has anyone else experienced this? Can’t even get Remarkable people to acknowledge this…frustrating.

Switch between documents - by cooconaash with 0 comments

Hi, I’m new to the rM, and as many I found the hardware remarkably good and the software a bit lagging. Now my question is, is there a way to switch between docs as with CMD/CTRL+TAB or double home clic on other systems? If not, is there a way to added as a request or has it been added?

edit: Maybe a list of last accessed docs?



Doodling during a Zoom conference. Finished the shoreline; haven’t done the plateau yet. - by brochacholibre with 0 comments

My custom transparent sleep… - by SR253 with 0 comments

Can you “email” to the Rm2? - by FiercelyFuzzy206 with 0 comments

Or is there a way to do what I am doing now in a lot of steps.

Every other day I need to download a new PDF and put it onto my rm2. Due to the pdf coming from a work computer, I can’t just drag and drop it onto my rm2 app.

What I am CURRENTLY doing:

Download. Save. Open Email and email it to myself. Open phone. Login to work email and save pdf. Import to rm2 app. Sync.

I would like to be able to just email it to my rm2 and be done with it, kind of like how kindle lets you email books to it.

Giving up - by conspiringecho with 0 comments

I was trying to use my rM 2 (batch 2) for school, but I just can’t keep doing it.


Reading PDFs of technical/journal/conference papers is too difficult with the slow and imprecise zoom functionality.

The larger a notebook gets the slower it is. Navigation between pages is abysmal.

Drawing tools are limited and layer functionality is limited and slow.

They make a huge deal about how low they got the latency of the pen to display on the screen but the rest of the device is so slow to respond to page changes and notebook switches it doesn’t matter.

Very sad and also the customer service is a sham so that’s bad.

It’s a good size E-reader and it’s nice if you want to write on the pages of your ebooks or take simple notes ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Anything more complex and it’s too slow to be useful.

tl;dr the plus of the e-ink (not backlit display) doesn’t make up for the lack of functionality and the slowness.

It’s a sad day over here :confused:

How do you import an epub? - by coned88 with 0 comments

When I try to import an epub I got from project gutenberg it said “Unsupported format”

What am I doing wrong?

pdfs work fine. great even

leonsmith-twocolors - by windrocking with 0 comments