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After two faulty remarkable2 tablets, my exciting is fading very quickly - by GambleResponsibly with 0 comments

So I have just received my warranty replacement tablet few hours ago, loaded up the latest software and account then tested. I would say it is worse than the one I sent in for repair.

1st Tablet - batch RM110-129
2nd tablet - batch RM110-131

Examples of issues:

  1. Screen randomly triggered by pen about 5-10mm away from the screen
  2. “2 fingers down from top” command is inconsistent and randomly opens pages
  3. navigating the pages randomly opens other pages in separate files

Starting to get over this. It’s not a cheap product and I wanted to pay a decent price for something that is reliable and easy to use, quite the opposite of my current experience. Sent an example video to the support team to advise what to do next but can only assume the usual “try reset and factory reset” will be the response. Will keep those interested in the loop as I find out what’s next.

Looking for a referral code less than 11 months old - by Bestgoldenberry with 1 comments

Hi guys,

apparently, paying via PayPal only works with a referral code within less than 11 months from original purchase (only via PayPal, i think),

so if anyone posts one that meets the requirements, I’ll be grateful :slight_smile:

Better than I ever imagined! It’s beautiful! - by rekindled77 with 0 comments

Remarkable 2 discount code - by FinishSufficient9941 with 0 comments

If you neeed that 40$ off.

*If this post is against the rules, feel free to delete the post.

I am looking for a simple bullet journal to keep up with work tasks. - by rekindled77 with 0 comments

Like the title says. So many I’ve seen online are complex and overwhelming. I need something to help me stay on task with my remarkable 2.

Screen becomes suddenly greyer - by the_blue_bottle with 0 comments

Every once in a while, the screen becomes suddenly greyer, and it returns to it’s normal shade only after refreshing it.

Here you can see the difference, I’ve taken the photos respectively before and after refreshing the screen, once I noticed it became greyer. It isn’t as noticeable as it is in reality, but you can see it especially in the corner of the page

Sync issues RM1 - by Night_OwI with 0 comments

So I downloaded to my laptop a PDF of class notes my professor posted and went to use the desktop RM app to import it to my tablet. They’re both connected to the same WiFi and I did a cloud sync check on my tablet with no issues. But the PDF still isn’t showing up on my tablet even though it’s fully on the desktop app. I’ve had issues with this for a while but it was never a big deal till now because this professor annotates her pre-made notes a lot and they have a lot of illustrations. So I figured it would be easier to just import the notes and annotate as well.

Also with the issue: the rest of my files on the desktop are not syncing with what’s on my tablet, even with the same wifi connection on both ends.

Can anyone help me with this? I don’t want to send it and have it repaired and I can’t afford to pay for a replacement.

Weird Re-Opening Bug with Remarkable 2 Tablet - by Euphoric-Fisherman-4 with 0 comments

Hello, so i have a problem with my remarkable 2 tablet where it when I close a notebook, it opens it and other notebooks in the folder again multiple times, its really anoying because I literally cant close some files without tapping 20 times on the x.

My device is brand new (about 1 week) and i havent installed any hacks or something like that, I’ve used about 0.4GB of the storage capacity. The bug just occured today after I created a lot of folders inside of another folder, it possibly has something to do with that.

Pls help i need the tablet for school

Connecting to dorm wifi? - by Miles-Keaton with 0 comments

I took my remarkable tablet to college with me, and I realized that you have to connect to college dorm WIFI in weird ways, is the Remarkable 1 tablet capable of this?

Remarkable Sketches + Krita Progress - by Michreh with 1 comments

What’s RM2’s noisescape like? Work near sleeping baby/toddler? - by sepen_ with 0 comments

Just found out Remarkable was a thing the other day, and been pondering ever since if it is for me. Was honestly surprised I hadn’t heard about it before, because up until recently I avidly followed news about eInk related devices. A child, or two, do focus/shift your attention apparently…

Which brings me to my question: How loud is working on, say, a RM2 device in practice? In a quiet room.

I feel like a I cannot get away with an actual keyboard nowadays, backlit touch tablets aren’t for me, but how much friction/noise is there with the stock stylus on RM?

Would love to transcend my heaps of handwritten paper notes. Handwriting is something I enjoy, as is sketching - and the command line. Always loved my eInk readers, RM might just be a match!

Remarkable 2 is stuck saying its Restarting - by MrWigggles with 0 comments

I was gonna use my remarakble to write down some notes as a GM for a game I am running.

And it said it needed an update.

And its been stuck saying its restarting for a while now.

I’ve tried holding down the power button to restart it for no dice. And it was just fully charged.

PDF/Images in Notebooks - by alosurdo with 0 comments


Is there anyway of having a image or pdf added to a notebook as a page or copy and paste to a page instead of having as a separate PDF/Image? Would be great to have it incorporated

Unable to load document background - by ObjectDelta with 0 comments

Is there a work around for this issue when loading your own templates? Appears on the app when viewing documents

Anyone from Mexico? - by themexicano92 with 0 comments

I’m trying to order tips as I came to Mexico for holidays but can’t find a way. Has anyone from MX ever ordered tips, even if not from remarkable?


Connect your Remarkable2 to Eduroam - by Repulsive-Ostrich-81 with 0 comments

Configuration instructions

  1. Click “Settings” then select “WiFi”.
  2. If WiFi is not enabled, please enable it.
  3. Select “eduroam”.
  4. You may now be asked for a password to protect the credential storage on your device. This is a security setting for your device and not your WiFi password. Please enter a memorable password here to continue.
  5. For “EAP method” select “PEAP”.
  6. For “Phase 2 authentication” select “MSCHAPV2”.
  7. Do not enable “validation of certificate”
  8. Enter your Identity as your username plus u/domain at your university , e.g. “[email protected]”.
  9. Some devices may have an “Anonymous identity” field. Leave this blank.
  10. Enter your WiFi password.
  11. Touch “Connect”.
  12. Your device should now be connected to eduroam.

It worked at Aarhus University, Denmark…

Tablet is now acting weird… - by rekindled77 with 0 comments

So I used to downgrade from 2.9 to 2.7 to try and use the ddvk hack. After running succesfully I have noticed that most times I press the Menu it comes on the screen then goes away. it takes several tries before the menu stays on. The screen is barely responsive to my fingers, example, it hardly lets me swipe to change pages or press buttons to create folders or new notebooks. it will howver respond when i use the pen. Has anyone experienced this? I have tried a factory reset and re-updated my firmware to 2.9 and still having same issues.

Odd synching behavior - by perambulatrix with 0 comments

Today, the rM2 I recently acquired has been repeatedly synching an empty directory I created on it, as well as repeatedly synching a couple of random files that I haven’t touched since its first sync of them, rather than downloading the file I’m trying to sync to the rM to put in said empty directory. The file shows up in the official Windows program in WINE, so it’s in the cloud already. I’ve tried turning the wifi connection off and back on, as well as turning the rM off for a while and then back on. Is there a way to break this weird loop?

Freezing and syncing issues - by NB9911 with 0 comments

Hi all,

My sister is a freshman in college and recently got the remarkable 2. she has since been running into some technical issues. Her tablet will freeze and she will have to reboot, which will delete any notes that she was taking. The tablet also wont properly connect to the cloud and back up forcing her to reset the connection. Another thing is that the buttons on the side will not work with her finger, it will flash then disappear. She really enjoys taking notes on it but after paying so much for it she really wants it to work right.

Pretty close - by post_hazanko with 0 comments