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Folio fits Lamy Pen perfectly. Just need to get rid of the cap! - by anthinath with 0 comments

Used marker tip - by OliverFarkash with 0 comments

How does a used marker tip look like?

Can you please share image(s) of your worn off marker tip for Remarkable, so I can compare it with my own judgement and assess when they are finally over? It will serve me as a reference to know when to replace them.

Here are image of mine. On the left is “worn out” tip which I just replaced, and on the right is the new freshly replaced tip which I will start using now.

My review of Remarkable 2 - by roygaurav16 with 0 comments

I would say the problem which I always had was that I just liked writing, but it had to be paper always because of the feeling. I guess there is undoubtedly something very intrinsic to the sense of writing and instead to the hand and the friction between the hand and the screen that makes the whole feeling a bit different. Hence I always stuck to waiting on paper, and I have a ton load of writing which has never been digitalized, only because I am a lazy ass who will never digitalize it. Years passed on, and I kept getting older, and make notes on paper kept piling up year after year and day. I have adopted the method that I would instead express my ideas and write on the paper and later dump the text onto the computer unreluctantly, which would relatively cost me more time than the outing itself. At this point, the reader may tell me that I am a snob, and instead, I can type onto the computer directly.

However, I cannot write on type directly on the pc because my ideas don’t flow. I have heard authors such as chuck Palahniuk and Neil Gaiman talking about the process of writing on paper and eventually digitalizing it in the computer medium. During their spare time, such as flying on the plane. In 2020/2021, due to the pandemic, there is a lack of aeroplanes and regardless of flying. It does consume the action of digitalizing notes consumes time anyhow. And in my case, hours together. Since this year, I have decided to write my dissertation, and this has started consuming a minimum of one hour every day. To be honest, it seemed that this process of digitalizing my dissertation was consuming more time than my dissertation programming and writing put together. But after so, I started searching for methods to digitalize my dissertation faster and more efficiently. Yes, there are various products on the market such as WACOM, ONYX, and then there are the traditional tablets that can write on as well. However, a sucker for the paper fulling which I am, I frantically started searching for products in the market. And the most infesting ones were the e- ink of based writing surfaces. In my experience with tablet-based objects such as my surface and being honest, it feels like I am writing on a piece of glass, and the tent to conversion is not so

accurate either. I have no hate towards my surface pro because I have been using it for nearly four years, and I am delighted with it. However, L is just not satisfied/content with the coaling experience. And after weeks of searching, the Remarkable two did suit my demands. My demands were only a medium to write with a loamy pen that feels like a Lamy pen coating, and it is easily digitalized without me typing onto something for hours together. Thus the RM 2 suited my “workflow” as many sevens and websites claim that they need the RM 2 to integrate it in. I have had just on work on the paper, and now it seems that it is possible on the remarkable 2 devices.


Yes, I am writing this on my Remarkable 2.

To the peeps who are successfully using KoReader on the RM2 - by lil-bubs-revived with 0 comments

Could you please share how you installed it?

RCU on linux - android? - by Raffaill with 0 comments

Hi everyone!

In attempt to establish a communication between reMarkable tablet and an android tablet (without cloud and login to the remarkable account - in my own network) I managed to install Linux Ubuntu 18 on android, without root, using Termux and Andronix apps, in order to install on it the linux version of the RCU application, developed by Davis, an application that works very well on laptops (both Windows and Linux).

At this point I ran into some problems that overwhelmed me.
This version of Linux on Android is made from what I understand with the help of the pRoot method in which the root user does not have full rights, etc.

I downloaded (after paying) the .tag.gz package of the RCU app for Ubuntu, I launched, the application appears in the program menu but at launch it displays the message at the beginning:
“Failed to execute command ‘/root/.local/bin/rcu’ Failed to execute chil process ‘/root/.local/bin’ (permission denied)” or other times" (No such file or directory)"

Has anyone tried to follow this idea more successfully? or at least someone who knows how this Linux works on Android to install an application from the /tar.gz archive?

Thanks to everyone for any small indication!

Is there an official e-mail address/web page for Remarkable bug reports? - by AlanYx with 1 comments

Does anyone know if Remarkable has an official mechanism for submitting bug reports? I’d like to submit an easily replicable bug report for the PDF reader. I know Remarkable has a “Wishes & Ideas” form, but they don’t indicate whether that’s where bug reports should go.

Having upgraded to the marker plus, I am less able to see where I left it on my desk as it’s black & not the light grey of the normal marker. So I’ve customised it a bit with some washi tape. Anyone else customised their marker?? - by Dev_Lina with 0 comments

Order Update - by Tide_of_JSnyd with 1 comments

Thought I would provide an update on timing for my order. I placed an order for a remarkable 2 with marker and case on Feb 18th. Got a text and email today Feb 23rd saying it would be delivered on March 1st. Can’t really call that express shipping but excited to get it nonetheless.

Again on privacy and security of RM2 - by nichtkorebeds with 0 comments

There are already several posts about this, but I am not sure I entirely got it: if I connect the Remarkable 2 to the wifi but not to the Remarkable cloud, is there anything that I have to be concerned about regarding security and privacy of my documents?

Marker plus scratching screen? - by HugoNikanor with 0 comments

Most of the time when I’m using the eraser end of the marker plus it feels like it’s going to scratch the screen. Will it? Does anyone else have similar experiences?

Just sharing…in case anyone wants some color for their Lamy EMR pen…This turmaline color is my favorite. - by Cnh55 with 0 comments