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Remarkable 2 Review Megathread - by RossumEcho with 172 comments

Sorry if this has been posted already. Here’s a compiled list of all the reviews out there right now for easy access. Feel free to comment if I’ve missed one! I’ll add it to the list

My Deep Guide

Good eReader



The EBook Reader


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Trusted Reviews

Tech Crunch

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Yahoo News

Is the rM2 right for me? - by remember_khitomer with 0 comments

I want to like the rM2 but I am a little concerned about its limitations. I am trying to decide between the rM2 and an e-ink Android tablet like the Boox Note Air.

Reading. My library is non-DRM epub books for the most part. I have a few Kindle books that I bought years ago before I realized that I didn’t want to be locked into their ecosystem; I wouldn’t be opposed to cracking those if I wantd to re-read them in the future. Overall I don’t see any big issues here.

Documents. I regularly review certain legal documents for work. They are PDF format and they live on Google Drive most of the time. I’d like to be able to keep one open on my desk, on the tablet, while I work on my computer. I am concerned it’s going to be difficult to get the documents from the Google Drive to the rM2. An Android tablet, on the other hand, should have native support for Google Drive (hopefully).

Note-taking. This seems like the rM2’s greatest strength but I am not sure I will get much use out of it. I have a handful of Field Notes on my desk and I use them for to-dos, project planning, meeting notes, and everything else. I am interested in getting my notes digital but from past experience I don’t think it’s going to stick.

Drawing. This is the rM2’s other greatest strength that I won’t get any use out of. I am just not an artist. I might sketch a diagram or flow chart now and then.

Math. I occasionally need to do some math. Nothing crazy, basically Algebra II-level stuff with some probability thrown in. I think it would be great on the rM2 but it just doesn’t come up often enough that I can justify a tablet for it.

Writing. This is the biggest issue for me. I want to be able to write papers, articles, and blog posts on my tablet. Basically I want to be able to plug in a USB keyboard and use it like an e-ink typewriter, similar to a Freewrite. Well why not just get a Freewrite then, because, 1. I already have a keyboard I love, and 2. I don’t want to spend that much on a device that I can only use for writing. I have seen some hacks to be able to connect USB peripherals to the pogo pins on the rM2 but even after that the typing experience seems somewhat awkward.

Hackability. I like being able to mess with my stuff. I use Linux on my desktop, I am not afraid of getting my hands dirty. I like the idea of being able to SSH into my tablet and add cron jobs or start/stop services. One idea I had was to use the rM2 as a virtual terminal for a Raspberry Pi; I could connect my keyboard to the RPi and run a word processor or anything else on it. This sounds fun but I think it would be cumbersome in practice; I would probably end up getting frustrated more than feeling productive on it.

Intangibles. reMarkable seems like a good company. I like the idea of owning a Linux-based tablet. The Boox Note Air seems like little more that a copycat of the rM2, and I want to support the actual innovators in this space. The rM2 seems far less likely to spy on me than some Chinese Android device.

Given my needs, do you think I would be happy with the rM2? Or should I look elsewhere? Is there anything else I should be considering?

References/tutorials on sketching? - by shosuroyokaze with 0 comments

Hey all,

I recently got my RM2 and I fucking love it. It’s been amazing for doing homework. However, I’ve always want to learn to sketch/draw so I thought I might try it on my RM2. Do any of you have any suggestions for books/tutorials/etc for learning?

Super Bowl tribute - by Mark14711 with 0 comments

Organize ebooks?? - by Wallenbees with 0 comments

Hey is there a mod or some way I’m missing to put ebooks into folders? I teach from my tablet and I have a bunch of different books and would like to separate books from lesson plans?

RMfuse: Filesystem access to the reMarkable Cloud - by rschroll with 0 comments

As a Linux user, I was initially disappointed with reMarkable not providing a way to access files uploaded to the reMarkable Cloud. This inspired me to build a tool to allow this. While there are several other nice tools that do allow access, each is a stand-alone program with its own custom interface. I wanted something to fit into my standard workflow, and RMfuse is the result.

RMfuse provides a FUSE filesystem that exposes your files in the reMarkable Cloud. This allows you to open, copy, add, and delete files in the Cloud as if they were local on your machine. FUSE is packaged (an may already be installed) in most Linuxes and the BSDs. There are Mac and Windows ports, but I haven’t tested if they work. (If you want to give it a try, I’ll do my best to help debug!)

RMfuse can render your handwritten annotations to PDF files. In its default mode, all of your files show up as PDF files and include the annotations. In orig mode, it exposes the original PDF and EPUB files, but still shows your notebooks as PDF files.

As I was writing this, I pulled the sections that might be useful to other developers into two other libraries. The reMarkable Cloud Library is an asynchronous Python library giving access to the reMarkable Cloud API. It started as a fork of the wonderful rMapy, but I made a number of different architectural decisions, and so I thought it should have a new name. The reMarkable Rendering Library was already posted here a few days back, and it handles converting the annotations to PDF files.

Development is still rather new, and there are a number of rough edges that need to be sanded down. But it’s now at a point where it might be useful to people other than me, so have at it. If you run into problems, please comment here or on Github and I’ll do my best to assist.

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I am beyond excited right now. - by Fucko_The_Clown with 0 comments

Hi i was wondering if anyone with the remarkable 1 has found a pen with a buildt in eraser that works? - by nini_99 with 0 comments

Can you buy an E-book then convert it to pdf , so you can read it on your Remarkable 2 - by FaZe-Adapt with 0 comments

Is this possible or does this not work? Because there are (when i looked it up) plenty of e-book to pdf converter sites.

Hope you guys have some more info/ knowledge. Thanks!

Selling my RM2 with Marker Plus and Leather folio - by Dumbwaitor with 0 comments

I’ve given it the good old college try but it won’t work for my workflow, back to the iPad with a paperlike cover. It’s a great device, it just doesn’t do what I need.

Here’s the eBay link for anyone interested that doesn’t want to wait for the backorder->

Get 20€ or 20$ discount when buying a reMarkable 2 using this link! - by Cr4zyEasy with 0 comments

Here you go:



Here is a $20 off referral link - by BILESTOAD with 0 comments

I’m sure you know how these things work. You save money, maybe I get a little kickback.

Here is a referral link that gets you $20 off of your order:

If you are in the fence, maybe this is enough of a nudge to get you to order. I’m glad I have it; if you took the time to read this subreddit you will probably like it too.

Supernote pen in RM 2 - by asparoke with 0 comments



Just discover this company: .

I was wondering if someone has already tested their pen into a RM 2 ?

BTW: it looks like they are more reactive that RM company and they develop business-oriented features (which what I like very much).



RM2 - Can you put notebooks into folders or sub-notebooks? - by rock_kid with 0 comments

I’m starting to use mine for college, but it seems like I need a notebook for each class to stay organized. Is there an easier way to do this that doesn’t result in me having, like 40 notebooks?

What are your organization strategies?

Found a good stand, more in comments - by warrenv02 with 1 comments

Today it snowed a lot :snowflake::coffee:… Picking up drawing again - by travelGirl199 with 0 comments

RM1 Hacks for DUMMIES (erase toggle & undo with hardware buttons, pinch to zoom, etc) - by wakka54 with 0 comments

This installs all the Remarkable 1 hacks. It’s pretty easy to do once you figure it out, but I could not find easy instructions on reddit so I gave up for months. I finally sat down and spent the time to figure it out, so I’ll save you all the hassle and write what I did. I know there are other guides - this one is for complete dummies like me who barely know what terminal is.

Tools: MacBook & MicroUSB data cable, and Remarkable 1


  1. Find the Remarkable 1 ssh password and IP. Click Settings->Help->Copyright and Licenses, scroll down to GPLv3 Compliance and write them down.They look like this:
    password: WAxFt4TwjK
  2. open Spotlight (Cmd-Space) type Terminal, enter ssh [email protected]
  3. Paste the password and enter
  4. You’ll see a colorful purple remarkable logo in terminal at this point. Paste this line
  5. sh -c “$(wget -O-)”
  6. Your remarkable will reboot into the hacked version. Try it out and make sure things look OK but don’t unplug yet.
  7. Press CTRL-C in terminal and it will ask if you want to make the changes permanent, say Y. After the remarkable reboots you can unplug.

On hacked remarkable there is a “pinch to zoom” setting in the share menu. You can also hit left and right button quickly at the same time, and you’ll see a Z in the corner. This mode makes short left clicks toggle the eraser, and long left clicks undo. For more documentation see For more detailed install instructions see

rM2 users: which launcher(s) are you using? - by starkruzr with 0 comments

most recently I tried remux and it just kind of… stopped responding to my chosen “summon” gesture. kind of want to try Oxide again but I’ve had nothing but issues with it on the rM2. what are you guys using?

e-reader for partially sighted - by aaronschneider96 with 0 comments

I know this topic doesn’t quite fit this subreddit but people in this subreddit might be able to help me.
I do love my remarkable and have it in daily use. But it’s just not the perfect device for reading books (not even with Koreader installed).
A family member is slowly loosing sight and we would like to buy an e-reader for him that enables reading in large fontsizes.
A kindle seems to be a poor option since it is locked to Amazon eBooks (I believe?!).
Is there a device that is easy to handle and that could help him to find joy in reading again?