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Optimization tips? (Poke 3) - by Kukikokikokuko with 0 comments

Just got this little guy. It looks great, but I’m having a hard time in the optimization settings.


Any tips?

What is the best way of sending notes created from the boox Nova air to my Samsung notes application and vice versa? I would love to be able to edit notes on both devices. - by arooni with 1 comments

I really enjoy taking notes on the books device but also on my Samsung S7 plus tablet via Samsung notes

I already have sink thing set up to transfer ebooks between my various devices

But now I’m wondering what the best way of sending and receiving notes between the Samsung tablet and my very beloved Nova air. Is there a way of doing two-way sync between these devices and being able to edit notes created on either device and view on either device I would love to know how.

Even if I was only able to send notes one way from the Nova air to my Samsung tablet to view as PDF or images that would still be useful.

I’m guessing Samsung notes are saved in some proprietary Samsung format that would make opening them on the Nova air difficult

OneNote Workflow? - by LabAdorer with 0 comments

Hey guys,

I am using a Nova Air, which I love. However, my OneNote workflow is currently too difficult to be useful. Any other OneNote users out there that might have some suggestions?

Here’s my current workflows ( ink/text only - nothing else)

Create In Boox, Edit in OneNote ( works OK)

  1. Boox -> Notes -> Write/Ink
  2. Boox -> Notes -> AI to text
  3. Boox -> Notes -> Select alll text, share to OneNote, which creates a new Page of text in OneNote.

This works OK. Better than OneNote ink sync or PDF export, which don’t create Editable Text pages in OneNote.


Create in OneNote, annotate in Boox ( not good), Edit in OneNote

  1. Create text in OneNote page
  2. Export to Boox
    1. OneNote sync - No - Boox doesn’t support this direction
    2. OneNote -> Export to TXT -> Boox Assistant (No - this fails to create a TXT in Boox - bug?)
    3. OneNote -> Export to PDF -> Boox Assistant (No this works, but PDF is formatted weird plus requires PDF pagination + weird, hard to annotate in Neo Reader since you cannot write in margins)
    4. OneNote -> Export to TXT -> OneDrive - Yes - this works
  3. Boox -> OneDrive -> Copy TXT file to local Boox folder (necessary since OneDrive opens text in its own text reader)
  4. Boox -> Open TXT in Neo Reader
  5. Boox -> Neo Reader -> Annotate text with ink
  6. ? Now how to get this TXT + Annotations from Neo Reader back into OneNote for text editing my annotations in OneNote? Or just the annotations? Or…

Thanks for any help!

How to buy tips/nibs in Norway? - by ZenoNow with 0 comments

I have a Nova3 (triange pen with eraser) and need new tips/nibs or whatever it’s called. The one I have now is starting to wear down.

I can’t buy from official store since they don’t send to Norway. Is there another place I can order from? Preferably closer to Norway.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

October, what books are you reading and what’s the next? - by OnyxBoox with 0 comments

Can’t annotate PDFs in Neoreader? (Poke3) - by nemipo with 0 comments

hi booxers,

i have a weird and basic bug on my new poke3 that i can’t seem to get around and would love any ideas: long press while reading PDFs in neoreader does nothing (short tap brings up menu bars as usual).
in epub works great - popup with dictionary/highlight/annotate.


  1. googling - all videos and posts just seem to assume it as a regular working feature.

  2. different PDFs - same result

  3. default/reflow modes - same result

  4. factory reset(!) - nope.

is there a setting i am missing to enable this?
am i doomed to try and contact the robots at customer service?

many thanks!

How to sync files between OneDrive and Boox Note Air? (or other Boox device) - by happydutch with 0 comments

Hi, is there a way to do an ‘in place’ sync between OneDrive and the device, so I do not need to manually copy over files between OneDrive and local storage? On a PC OneDrive just shows up as a folder, but that doesn’t seem to be the case on Android. -Tnx

Nova 3 Color for sale ($350USD) - by rattovo with 0 comments

I picked up an Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color just a few days ago but realized I’m not really utilizing the color functionalities much so would like to switch for a b/w device. Returns are a bit of a hassle and has a restocking fee so I was wondering if anyone was interested in purchasing?

Comes with the case, screen protector pre-installed, an extra screen protector, and all the accessories that came with it.

I’m located in Canada but I’m guessing most users here are in the US? Original price looks to be $399 USD. I can do $350 + shipping unless shipping comes out to less than $10.

Can send pictures of device to those interested in buying :slight_smile:

(Chinese) Boox is releasing new product(s) on 10/20/2021. Official teaser says “4” is a keyword. People are guessing it might be 4 new products, or Note4? - by HubertSamuel with 0 comments

Nova Air vs Nova 3 - by abanakakabasanaako with 1 comments

Apologies if this is a stupid question but I’d like to ask this on actual users rather than read or watch reviews.

Which one is better and which would you go for if you’re getting an ereader now? Also, what’s the big difference between the two?


Scanning paper notes - by ElephantFriendly2971 with 0 comments

I’ve got a lot of handwritten notes on paper. Would like them to be converted to the Boox format so I have them in my Note Air as if I had written them on the Note Air. Possible?

Importing fonts into the Notes app? - by E-Dog314 with 0 comments

Can I import fonts into the Notes app for typing in textboxes? I’ve seen videos/articles on how to import fonts for reading epub files and neobrowser. But I’m specifically looking to use fonts in Notes. Not sure if they source the same folder or not.

Anyone have knowledge about this?

Handwriting convertion language on Nova Air - by Henry2990 with 0 comments


How can I know if the Nova Air supports the Handwriting Convertion in Portuguese from Portugal?

Boox Mira for Sale, Open Box - by Upstairs_Pension_806 with 0 comments

I pre-ordered a Boox Mira and had it arrive Friday of last week. I had a specific use-case of having it double as a monitor for programming, as well as trying to use it as an e-reader hooked up to my Samsung S10e with DeX. The only problem I had with it is that it doesn’t quite work with DeX in the way that I need it to, so I can’t use it how I was hoping. It’s a really beautiful device, and I am a bit bummed it didn’t work how I had anticipated. However, I really needed it to work 100% how I had envisioned and since it doesn’t, I am looking to sell it. I have an eBay listing below. I would be willing to open it to International buyers if any are interested.

[VIENNA] 360€ Selling my nova air (only pick up) - by SnooPeripherals8605 with 1 comments

I’ve just received my boox ereader - by lamoussedesreves with 0 comments

(Chinese) More official teasers for upcoming product(s) on 10/20/2021. At the bottom the poster has 4, 7, 128, and 11. People are saying it could mean 4th generation, 7 inch, 128GB storage, and Android 11. - by HubertSamuel with 1 comments

Cheapest stand ever! - by Kasper-Hviid with 0 comments


So, I bought that Logitech K80 keyboard, but then I figured I needed a stand for my Max Lumi. So I simply used the box the keyboard came in, attaching two pieces of string so the device could lean against the lid. With modern devices being so flimsy, it’s strange that cardboard isn’t more in use!

Experiences with the quality and lifespan of onyx boox devices? - by heheroni with 0 comments

Hi all, I’m looking to buy a ebook reader with note taking capabilities and am pondering between onyx Nova 3 and kobo sage. While doing my research, I noticed that Onyx boox devices are seen to be rather unreliable and degrades rapidly. If possible, I would like to hear from users of onyx devices (preferably those who have used them for more than a year) on your experiences with Onyx. It is an rather expensive investment and would be a massive disappointment if the ereader could only last for less than 2 years.


  1. How do you find the features that onyx offers to be?(note taking, pdf formatting, splitbscreen etc) Do they run smoothly or are they frivolous add-ons?
  2. What model are you using and how long have you used it for?
  3. Did you experience any battery degradation issues or any issues related to the device in general? If yes, do you have to send it back for repair and how’s the process like?

Thank you so much for your replies! I would really appreciate if you could share your experiences.

When I erase something it leaves traces, anyone knows how to solve this problem? - by peenktoona with 2 comments