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Onyx Boox marketing department is making false claims and it needs to stop now. It’s not a creative device. - by Cebulki with 0 comments

I have Onyx Boox Note Air a little over six months now. I’m really happy with it, but I feel that misleading marketing of this device turns off many potential customers.

Why is that?

It’s not about what they say in their marketing, but about little hints they show. Pictures of drawings or illustrations on screen might suggest that it’s creative kind of device. But it’s not.

When you look closer at these pictures (and have little more practice with the device), you can see that in many cases it’s just imported picture with outline and couple of written words so it looks more like a drawing. On Nova air there is even rendered 3D scene with pen drawing a bird. It’s not actual scene of doing drawing. It’s 3D render!

Onyx notes app and NeoReader are strong asset of Onyx Boox devices, but if they want to make it creative tool - they should focus more on developing them. Right now because of hardware limitations and choice of vector-ish graphic - it’s incapable of doing advanced drawings with many precise lines. When you spend a little more time on drawing, device starts to choke. It has trouble saving your note or will just CTD and your work is gone. All these things happend to me.

You can download other apps from Play Store, but for some reason there is latency problem. I tried to use Ibris paint for example and pen lag was too long to make it work. I get it. It’s not made for this device.

But it means it’s not a design of this device. Why then make it look like it is? It just makes people expect more than they should and return them. I would return device if I would be expecting it to be creative tool. Fortunately I was looking for different qualities and my device was a perfect fit.

And I get it. I also do a little marketing for my company and there is always a way to spice things a little so people would focus more on product. But this misleading hint and “we didn’t say it’s a creative device” is just straight up wrong and will backfire like it did on Shortcircuit video where Note Air was compared to iPad as CREATIVE DEVICE. It’s not LTT company fault. It’s Onyx Boox responsibility for making their products look like something they are not.

I’m saying that hoping that it would help Onyx team improve their approach to potential customers. Just don’t hint any promises when you can’t deliver.

And if you want to buy Onyx Boox devices to make drawings or projects and even more complicated sketches - you have been warned. There aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

It’s Dead, Jim - by Renkin42 with 1 comments

NeoReader repeating/restarting paragraph intros split between pages - by PersistentElephant with 0 comments

Curious if this issue is just me and something wonky on my device, or if it’s a known NeoReader bug/setting that I can potentially fix.

When I read books in NeoReader, particularly referency nonfiction with lots of short paragraphs and bullet points, any paragraph entity that starts (but doesn’t finish) on a page restarts and repeats a sentence or two on the next page. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it’s super jarring. Has anybody else experienced this before? Is NeoReader just so buggy and awful that I shouldn’t bother with it (it’s been fine for me for months so far, so I’ve continued to use it since getting my Nova 3)?

Or maybe I’m just crazy and this has never happened to anybody else. Hopefully not.

Screen Sharing to Desktop? - by VinAbqrq with 0 comments

Hey all. I’ve been looking into the Onyx devices (and several other e-ink tablets) for a while now. Unfortunately, in order to justify the purchase in my budget, I would need a function I have yet to see working well: screen sharing.

What I would need is a way to mirror my screen, in real time, to my desktop, preferably with a USB. I know that Android have several apps for it, but I never saw anyone using them with Onyx Devices. Does anyone have a good solution?

Remarkable apparently is making a native function for this, and I am tempted of buying that, though I would prefer to have a frontlit device with nice multitasking and great reading capabilities if I could. So I wanted to check here before making a decision.

However, the screen sharing would need to work :/. If the screen can be used as an input for the desktop, like a Wacom drawing tablet, that could be enough too.

Does anyone have experimenting with these kinds of app?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

best solution for remote page turns? phone? bluetooth selfie remote? bluetooth mouse? - by arooni with 0 comments

brand new nova air is arriving thursday :). wondering which is the best way of advancing page turns?

i already have a logitech m720 bluetooth mouse i was thinking i could use for it?

mostly want the functionality of page turns remotely in koreader.

Change font of handwriting recognition pdfs? - by ferg007 with 0 comments

Hi…I’ve just got the lumi max and it seems fairly decent. One thing I’m struggling with (to be fair I don’t even know if it’s a “thing”) but when I’ve written some notes then convert to type text and say I want to email that pdf to a work colleague…the file won’t open on Adobe as the font is not native to it. Is there a way to pick a different font for the handwriting recognition conversation to a standard font like calibri, new times Roman etc?

Thanks all!

Flattening PDF - by troubledinchina with 0 comments

Hi there, I use the note 3 to sign PDF documents, my concern is the signature can be selected and copied onto other documents. Is there a way to save the signed PDF so that it is all on the one single layer without further manipulation or do I need to go through some process to flatten the document so the signature cannot be retrieved from the PDF? Any help will be appreciated.

Recommended Apps - by revtup with 0 comments

I have the Nova Air coming and wanted to know what apps y’all feel are really helpful. I know KOReader but what else?

Looking for an app which syncs on the cloud - by Heyric21 with 0 comments

I’m looking for an app in order to read DRM free epubs on an Onyx device. This app should allow me to read on multiple devices (the best would be cross platform), so I can read on my phone while out and about and then on my Onyx device while I’m home. Bookmarks and notes should be synced.

Any suggestion?

Thank you so much!

Recommendations for a screen protector for the Nova 3 / 3 color? - by MaxPowers5 with 0 comments

Been looking around and there is plenty of data on the Note air, but not the Nova 3. What is the general thought for the best screen protectors to protect the screen and give a better writing feel? I love writing my notes on the Nova3 but it just feels like I am writing on an android tablet…

What distinguishes an eink tablet over standard tablets/iPad? - by un-ambiguoususername with 0 comments

So, I’m new to this world of eink tablets, I was hoping to have an insight over why should I go for an eink tablet over other standard ones, like a Samsung or an iPad?

Much appreciated

Does the display work well without the backlight? - by 174squirrels with 0 comments

Hello, I just found out about e-ink readers and i’m a little enthralled. I have a few questions about Onyx Boox products:

- If you turn the backlight off all the way, can you still see the screen clearly?

- I heard the pens/screen protectors that come with them do not provide a great writing feel. Is there a recommended alternative?

- It is difficult to tell through pictures, but does the glass material screen look like a matte surface or more akin to a regular screen? A family member has a couple of kindles I assume are comparable, is it similar to them?

Thanks for reading

Launch notepad from Nova Launcher - by Tombula77 with 0 comments


Question about Onyx Boox Note 3. Is there any way to launch notepad to make handwrited notes from Nova Launcher? I don’t see any releated app in apps menu. Right nao I just start Onyx Launcher from Nova, make note and back to Nova. I tested few others apps for notes but they was so laggy.


Note Air: Transferring content - by medusa_rx with 0 comments

Hi all, my device arrived in the mail today and I’m just trying to figure out how to use it. I don’t seem to be able to connect to any cloud based storage system. How do I download/upload PDFs and notes?

I’ve also been asked to provide an Android ID for Google services to connect to GDrive, but I don’t know what that means. Can anyone advise? I’m just a bit lost and the manual isn’t very clear.

OneNote Experience? Is it worth buying Onyx product for primarily OneNote functionality? - by DontWorry_BeHappy6 with 1 comments

I struggle with eye strain in my office job so the e-reader display is VERY appealing to me. My job consists of 40-60% meetings so I live and breathe OneNote for capturing notes. I’ve seen some complaints about OneNote in this forum but they’re from 9-12 months ago.

What are your experiences with OneNote on an Onyx product? Would you recommend an Onyx product for primarily OneNote functionality? How easy is it to sync your OneNote across devices? How easy is it to manipulate your notes from Onyx on another device?

Any better note taking solutions on Onyx that I can reasonably transfer the notes to OneNote after the fact?

Film screen paperfeel - by repisco with 0 comments

I’m planning to buy onyx boox note air, but everyone said it has a bad reputation in terms of writing feeling, and that’s actually the only purpose i’m buying it, taking notes. That’s why I already choose to buy a Staedtler emr pen, but what about the screen protector? Any advice?

When can we expect the launch of the onyx boox mira on Amazon Germany? - by RolfZuckowskiUltra with 0 comments

3.1 Side Notes functionality? - by fatgituk with 0 comments

I may be totally blind and have missed how to do it, but with 3.1 and split screen doc and notes, is it possible to have the note page changes when you change page in the document you are reading, or is the only way to do it manually?
Ideally I’d like to have one page of notes for every page in a pdf.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nova 3/Air (3GB ram) vs Poke 3 (2GB ram) - by Rarzrin with 0 comments

For those who own both devices, is the 3GB of ram (Nova) that big of a different from the 2GB of ram (Poke)? In terms of speed, overall use, etc?

Few questions about the software - by lord_underwood with 1 comments

The only e-reader I own is the Kindle voyage which I like the design of but I am now thinking of getting a Nova air (don’t want to be stuck in the Amazon ecosystem).

How does the software feel does it wake up quick when turning on? I also wanted to know if you all use the play store or if you just get the apk for a few apps you want to run and side load them. How is the battery life? I generally get the books I am reading and turn on airplane mode since I don’t sync to anything (I only read the books on this device) or I just load them from my PC with Calibre.