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Best nibs to Samsung S6 Tab Lite Pen - by mbellido with 0 comments


I had the Samsung S6 Tab Lite Pen and im using with my boox note air with paper feel protector (white nib).

I love the feeling!

But i want to know what the best nibs replacement for this combination.


Drawing app for Boox Note Air - by rcassar82 with 0 comments

I have recently purchased a Boox Note Air and I am looking for a drawing app to use on it. I am happy with the native note app but I am looking for something abit more, maybe something that handles angled pen shading (if possible) and better pressure sensitivity. I am happy with the overall device, just feel it needs a dedicated drawing app. thanks

Has the Note 3 a gravity sensor? - by sirjofri with 2 comments

The official Note 3 page contains no information about this, but the images look like you can rotate the device in both landscape directions. Does this happen automatically using a sensor or manually?

Here’s the template I created that was seen on my recent post of the Lamy pen. Glad to share. - by Cnh55 with 0 comments

Contemplating a Boox Tablet - by This_Click4677 with 0 comments

Hello folks, Got a strange use case here. I’ve always spent a lot of time growing up / studying and now working on screens. Been very lucky, never had any issues, any headaches, eye strain or things thankfully. But since about last October I’m just finding it hard to spend time being comfortable on-screen outside of work. I’ve went from iPad Pro to one of the new Macs and it seems regardless of the device, there’s only so much my eyes and body can take of sitting at the desk, looking at an LCD screen per day. It’s not comfortable anymore and I’m thinking a lot of my other problems from anxiety to feeling better could be improved massively if I only used my working hours looking at a screen and tried to eliminate it outside of work time entirely.

I see the Boox tablets with Android 10 and I’m aware that they won’t do games, they won’t do videos. But other than this, what other key limitations should I know about?

My plan is to simply use my phone (of course, inevitable) as I do but outside of work to re-adjust my free time and life to favour reading of books, textbooks, studies, etc. and make notes / journal, to do email and a basic budget I currently to on Excel/Numbers. I could use some kind of reminders / calendar app that’s compatible. Is it practical to plan to use the Boox as pretty much a primary personal device? Or will the slow loading screen and lacking areas really annoy me?

What happens if you plug it into an external monitor, can you use full colour Android like for just the times you are plugged in, or does this not work? I used to have a Samsung DeX phone that did this. That would be a great help in making this a practical idea.

Used devices from, but UK warehouse - by WordTangle with 1 comments

Hi - Does anyone know if Boox sell their ‘used devices’ from a UK warehouse? On their website, they only list US and EU warehouses. :frowning:


Accidentally deleted “Notes Template” folder on Nova2 7.8". Where can I find a download of a new folder and how screwed am I? - by Dull_Hedgehog90 with 0 comments

Basically the title. Was cleaning up some files on my PC and accidentally deleted the “Notes Template” folder not realizing it was on my Boox.

I opened the notepad app on my Boox, but it only shows a blank page now. No options to change my pen, pages, etc.

Is there a folder I can download and just add back onto my Nova2 or do I have to do a factory reset?

Thanks in advance.

Note Pro, suddenly cannot hold a charge? - by Jacque_Hass with 0 comments

I was using my Note Pro the other day, the battery mostly full at around 95%, when suddenly it shuts down displaying the charge battery screen. I plugged it back in and let it charge over night; the next morning while I was using it the same thing happened, at around 96% it just shuts off telling me to charge. What’s going on?

Are there any e Ink devices that don’t have a gray (hard to read) screen? - by Techbebe28 with 0 comments

Why are e-ink screens such a dark gray color? I have an Onyx Boox Note Air and I can’t use the backlight because it hurts my eyes. Without the backlight, the screen is hard to read, because it is gray. I had a ReMarkable tablet that I returned for this reason. Are there any devices similar to the Onyx Boox Note Air that have a screen that is not such a dark (gray) color?

Sort by Author in Neoreader - by SpecificAffect8169 with 0 comments

Is it possible to look at a “bookshelf” in Neoreader, and to sort by Author etc? I know this is available in third-party apps like Aldiko or Moon+ but would prefer to use the built-in app with all the test customisation options.

Just sharing my view and my boox :wink: - by ndotillos with 0 comments

How do I restore the original keyboard? - by phunnypunny with 0 comments

On other keyboards there seems to be a button that lets you select which keyboard you want to use. but now that I have installed a third party keyboard (Fleksy), I cannot find a way to toggle back to the original on-screen keyboard. Does anyone know a way to access it?


(Onyx Boox: Note Air)

Finally, share Onyx Boox Note Air screen to PC - by elaguni with 0 comments

This is not a guide but sharing information that this is possible. I’m a tech architect and frequently needs to share whiteboard diagrams during meetings. Here’s what I used:

  • Free TeamViewer account + TeamViewer installed on my PC
  • Google Play enabled Onyx Boox Note Air
  • Installed TeamViewer Quick Support on my Boox Note Air

After installing and running TeamViewer on my Boox, it recommended to install the remote-control add-on (I did) and then grant it permission under Accessibility. I used the prompts to go to the Accessibility settings of my tablet, but it won’t turn on - I get a message saying that something is blocking it and the Settings can’t verify.

Not sure what I did, but I think I killed TeamViewer on my Boox, start it again, then connect to it again - then I received another notice on my Boox to let it display over apps and there’s a “Settings” button to do that - this one works.

Now, whenever I connect to my Boox via TeamViewer, there’s a warning about screencast and then I can view my Boox screen wirelessly.

This requires both devices to be connected to the internet (not just the same wifi) and there’s a few seconds delay (depends on your internet speed). But for me this is workable.

I really really hate the screen protector - by imscaredoffbi with 0 comments

My first try had a few dust bubbles that I wasn’t able to eliminate with a credit card, so I spent the next 2 hours trying to get dust out with tape. By the time I was done it had lost all its adhesiveness and was crumpled up, so I ended up throwing it away.

The edges around the screen make it impossible to get it on without bubbles. Put yours on 1 degree off center? Congrats, you get air bubbles on the sides.
God damn it lol

Does anyone know of any case that is compatible with the note 3? Preferably ones that you don’t have to “unfold” or open to read since my clumsy ass will probably be drop it while reading.

EPUB doesn’t retain the notes and hightlights? - by aslamnd with 0 comments

Hi Boox fam,

I took some notes and highlights on a EPUB documents. I transfer the file via Dropbox, opened in a Mac and I couldn’t find the highlights or the handwritten notes.

I checked in both iBooks and Adobe Digital Editions.

I tested with a PDF and could be able to find the highlights and notes.

Is this normal? Please shed some light on me!


Boox Max 3 as external monitor - by gpszkit with 0 comments


Trying to find best way to use my Max 3 as external monitor. So far I tried:

  1. native monitor app. However, using suggested settings the resolution is not good enough for me, if using higher on Windows settings, text becomes illegible

  2. SpaceDesk - unstable, unreliable connection, often big lags

  3. AnyDesk - good resolution, does not support touch screen (as you have to drag and drop coursor with stylus, wich is annoying), sometimes delayed responsiveness.

Any other tested / good options out there? I don`t mind wired or not. Looking for good responsiveness and touch screen ability.

Thanks, Greg

Software Functionality of Note 3/Max Lumi - by NeSeeUK with 0 comments


Am looking at the Note 3/Lumi.
Tasks are:

  1. Reading Kindle books and epubs.
    Taking notes and highlights.
    Syncing these with Desktop
  2. Reading and annotating PDFs on Dropbox and syncing direct (no saving or exporting).
    Currently I’m using a Samsung tablet to achieve this with different apps. However, it’s only upto Android 5 and is slow as.
    Am using the following apps:
    Kindle (android)
    - works well
    Bookfusion app (and Calibre plug)
    - works OK for PDFs and not for epubs (this might be an OS version issue)
    Kobo PDF annotation
    - works v well

Want to move to e-ink, so I would like to know more about how the Boox devices can/will handle these tasks. Will it run these apps above with low enough latency?
OR is there a native solution for these? If so, how does the native work, and will it deliver the same functionality as the apps listed?

Many thanks in advance

New hardware in summer/fall ? - by Heisenfoest with 0 comments


Any idea about what it could bring ?

Various nibs and pens on Boox glass surfaces - writing experience? - by sirjofri with 0 comments


has somebody tried different nibs (pens) on the Boox devices (with or without screen protectors)? I prefer writing with a 4B pencil on standard 80g paper or actual steel nibs with real ink. What experiences do you have and can you give some general guides about material and feel of nibs?

Btw I was thinking about adding the staedtler pencil to my wishlist, but I noticed they only have their incompatible nib type. Does it feel like a real pencil a little?

I watched My Deep Guide about nibs and pens, it was … in-depth, but unsatisfying. He didn’t really compare them, but describe them. Some general advise would be more helpful, imo. Something like “more hardness feels like X, on this surface it feels like Y, …”

Can I use Wacom Intuos Pro pen with Boox Max Lumi - by rubins with 0 comments

What the title states, really. Otherwise: which pens are compatible with Boox Max Lumi? I thought every Wacom based pen would work, but apparently not (or do I need to pair it somehow first?)