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Nova 3 Notes - by BristolBomber with 0 comments

A question regarding the notes ability:

Does the note taking layer only work in the notes app?
Or rather can the stylus be used to write over other apps for example, could the notes layer be used to write over a pdf of a sudoku puzzle or a puzzle in a magazine in something like the Libby app?

Is Nova 3 too small for PDFs? - by synnoeve-lee with 0 comments

Hello all,

I have recently got interested in getting an e-ink tablet and came across Boox devices. I have an iPad (6th gen) which is 9’7" inches, which I use daily for reading and studying. I read a lot of pdf books and academic articles. Never thought 9’7" is too small.

I am torn between Nova 3 and Note Air: obviously Note Air is better as it has bigger screen size, but it’s also quite a lot more expensive than Nova 3 from my perspective.

My question is, is Nova 3 too small to read pdfs with? The kind of academic articles I read don’t usually have photos, perhaps occasionally graphs, but mainly just black-and-white texts. Sometimes they have 2 columns. Still, is Nova 3 too small for reading pdf files? Or is it enough when you zoom in?

Thank you for any advice in advance, and I’m new here, so if anything’s wrong with my post, let me know so I can fix it.

Split screen with note writing on left side? - by BILESTOAD with 0 comments

I want to read a doc in Neo Reader and write notes in a notebook in split screen. Can I make the note writing side be on the left?

Not clear how.

TIA for any help!

Shipping time if I order directly from Boox store US Ware house? - by paloaltothrowaway with 0 comments

I’m very close to ordering the Max Lumi (or the Note 3 / Air - still deciding) but I have a concern re: shipping time. Amazon is an option but ordering from the Boox store offers a free cover.

Since I will be moving to a new apartment in mid aug, I’m a little bit concerned with the estimated shipping time (3 to 15 business days) given by Boox. I don’t think it will arrive after Aug 15 but if it does, I have to go back to the old apartment and get it which may risk being stolen or given to someone else by the doorman.

Anyone who have ordered directly from the Boox store (US Warehouse)? I live in NYC if that’s helpful.

Boox as smart display for wall? Clock, weather, calendar, etc. - by iReadECGs with 0 comments

Has anybody used a Boox tablet as a smart display for a wall? I’m looking for something to display information like Dakboard that would give me time, weather, calendar, etc.

I could also design my own website to have displayed in kiosk mode, which I assume is possible since this is an android tablet. Other e-ink readers don’t seem to have that capability.

I would prefer to use an e-paper display because it will be in my bedroom on the wall, so I don’t want a bright screen that will keep me awake at night like the typical screens used for dakboard.

Tripod stand for Lumi - by Yautia5 with 0 comments

What is your favorite tripod stand for the Lumi?

In looking at Amazon it seems there are problems with the ones they have available based on reviews, mostly having to do with supporting the weight properly without moving.

By tripod I mean from the floor, I have a table stand that seems a little iffy if you move the table (the Lumi is heavy of course).

How to improve the Onyx Boox Note Air taking experience - by Guy2things with 0 comments

RAM usage on 3’s and/or 2’s if you still have one - by x0hmei with 0 comments

Curious on the amount the SYSTEM uses of the RAM currently looking at any of the 3’s (yes even the poke) this would be of course without loading a book and running any apps in backround. With only 2gb ram on the poke3 and android 10 just seems very very limited and I’m not sure how much system tweaking they have done.

Flashcard App Compatible with Note Air - by ruaridh- with 0 comments

Hi. I’m thinking of getting a Note Air for uni next year and as part of my studying I often use flashcards. I was wondering if there is an app I can use on the Note Air that will allow me to use the device for flashcards rather than handwriting them like I usually do ? Any recommendations are much appreciated. Cheers, Ruaridh

Help. Dictionaries not working - by rdior with 0 comments

Guys, I’m reaching my limit with this device. It’s the Note 2.

I downloaded Stardict’s dictionaries and extracted them. Only left the three files in the folders. I sent it to the Note via usb dongle, placing it in Dicts. The Dictionary app proceeds to crash and keep crashing each time I open it. I’ve restarted the device seemingly a dozen times. Nothing. This happens whether there is 1 dictionary in there or more. It stops crashing when I go into storage and clear out the dictionary.

The device stays offline pretty much always. I bought it simply to read so the dictionary is vital. Can someone please help me with this?

Any authors writing on Max Lumi? - by merc2vec with 0 comments

Anyone out there using the Max Lumi as a writing platform? Currently working on my dissertation and a few proposals and looking at e-ink as a way to give my eyes a break.

Horizontal view on Kindle App? - by KobeBryantDaGod24 with 0 comments

Hi everyone: I’d like to read on the Kindle App “sideways.” On the iPad, you simply tilt horizontal, and you get two side-by-side pages. Is there a way to do this on the Onyx version? It doesn’t seem to recognize tilting the unit.

Is this possible with google drive? Looking for a new device - by rwh824 with 2 comments

I need the ability to pull up a pdf out of Google drive, edit it and save it. Then on a different day pull it back up, possibly change/delete some of the edits I made before and save it as a new pdf in the Google drive folder. I want to do it with something like the note air as my templates are based on paper charts. I’m trying to cut down on using paper files in my office.

Zotero => Google Drive => Neoreader and back - by bdlc2019 with 0 comments

Hello all,

I know some other posts concerning this workflow, but the “working” steps that I end up with just seem wildly convoluted. What I currently do:

  1. In Zotero, I use ZotFile to press “Send to tablet” which sends the pdf I want to annotate to a Google Drive folder.
  2. I open that pdf from my Boox Max Lumi’s Google Drive app’s folder (same one as step 1).
  3. I do my magic on the pdf, close it, saving it automatically to the downloads folder??? *
  4. I need to find that file in the Downloads folder and open it with the google drive app.
  5. Save the annotated pdf, now opened in google drive, to the same folder synced with ZotFile.
  6. Remove the unannotated pdf and rename the annotated pdf to the name of the unannotated pdf.
  7. Go back to the laptop and press “Get from tablet” to sync Zotero with the annotated version.

Though this workflow “works”, I feel like steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 could be removed if NeoReader doesn’t make its own copy in the downloads folder and just works from the google drive folder.

Can someone help improve on this or provide a helpful tip? It would make a world of difference if I could just alter the original PDFs for example.

Barely used Nova 2 selling on eBay - by ametaforager with 0 comments

Comes with the original stylus, 5 extra nibs, an extra pen for thicker strokes, an extra OEM paper-like screen protector, the original folio, and a genuine leather ProCase folio.

eBay link

Ghosting with Nova 3 while reading Manga - by hogihogi with 0 comments

I am thinking about purchasing Nova 3 to do 2 things.

Read manga and web browsing.

How bad is ghosting? Is it really bad? I read that firmware update drastically reduced ghosting, but I am not sure how it looks.

How do we get Onyx Boox to make a change to the system in there Updates? - by ewfwe34t5 with 0 comments

I am refering to this:

How do I turn off the notification bell sound when I change the volume with the slider on my Note 3?

Poke3 with display issues - by LukeRichese with 0 comments


I would like to ask if anyone experienced similar issues with their Poke3 display as I have.

I have bought a Poke3 reader 2 months ago.All looked great at first. Installed the Kobo reader and read through like 10 books without any issues.

For the last week the display got increasing amount of ghosting to the point that I need to do full page refresh on every text page otherwise it usually ends up as an unreadable blob.I am using normal mode which should get the best quality rendering, others are even worse.This happens also in system menus and factory reset did not help.

At this point I thing this is a hardware defect and the device is not usable.

Fresh out of factory reset

Nova 3 Colour no longer recognising OTG USB-C flashdrive? - by Nebankhdjet with 1 comments

Last week or so I was able to set up a USB-C flashdrive to serve as an additional external storage device to hold all the extra PDFs I couldn’t fit on the internal storage and read it directly off of the flashdrive using NeoReader.

Recently, however, the Nova no longer recognises the flash drive as a separate storage unit whose contents can be accessed, and the only notification available is “Charging connected device via USB”, with no options available to access the drive, open it in the storage tab, etc.

I tried checking the flashdrive itself and it remains functional on other devices, and I can read/transfer files between it and my PC and my phone. The only issue remains with the Nova 3, which is unfortunate since for a brief period of time the setup worked well- any thoughts on how to resolve the issue and have the Nova 3 recognise and open the flashdrive contents again?

customizing page layout on max lumi - by leonhartgirl with 0 comments

hey guys! i’ve only been using max lumi as an alternative for my ipad since it’s better for my eyes and whatnot and was wondering if there’s a function that allows me to, let’s say, create a grid line or boxes in the blank pages (like good notes 5)

and (not really important but if you could answer it’d be great) can i insert a blank page between downloaded pdf?

basically i just want to know how similar it is compared to good notes since it’s what i’ve always been using until recently.

sorry if it sounds confusing, english isn’t my first language.

thanks for your answers!