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Splitscreen note air - by cucumbernerd with 0 comments

Every time I split screen my note air it makes the notes go weird, like I can’t use the whole page and then doing anything else to it then seems to result in it all freezing and be having to restart the whole device. Any ideas? Because currently it’s preventing me being able to split screen to read something and make notes.

I’m selling my Onyx Boox Note Air (in Berlin, Germany. Shipping possible). Message me for more info if interested :blush: - by jpscholz with 0 comments

Note Air vs Max Lumi 13.3 - by paloaltothrowaway with 0 comments

It seems that there is no difference in the internals between the two other than the screen size. Is that correct? Though some reviews mentioned that the MAX Lumi is a bit more ‘laggy’ than the Note Air (which is surprising given the processor is the same?)

I love larger screens but not sure if it’s worth the $$$ difference.

Anyone who has played with both mind chiming in?

Selling Onyx Boox Note 3 (located in Northern California) - by joaquin217 with 0 comments

Lightly used, only owned for a few months. Really enjoyed using the Note 3 for reading and writing, but need something else for my intended tablet use (meant to support side business… need something else). Got original packaging and all the goodies. Asking $475, can ship if needed but prefer if in Nor-Cal.

Anyone moved from Samsung Tab with S Pen? - by hjy_jyh with 0 comments

Hello all. I’m thinking of making my first foray into the e-ink space. My main uses would be reading and document creation (meeting minutes etc.) and pdf editing (proofreading/annotating/signing minutes!).

I was down to the Note Air and Note 3 (probably the latter for the real estate). Ideally I’d like the Max Lumi but I’m unwilling to spend that much. Then comes the Samsung Tab S7 FE (essentially a 12" tab with a passive S Pen) which gives me the larger screen that I desire at around the same price point.

I’m wondering if anyone here moved from a Samsung tablet with S Pen support to an Onyx? I’d be most interested in your reasons for making the jump.

Another question I have is: most reviews seem to make a big deal of the front lighting on the Note Air: how does the front lighting on the Note 3 compare?


Selling Air & Nova 3 - by _Forever_Learning with 0 comments

Hi all,
I have a Nova 3 that’s brand new untouched in box and a Air with Case that is like new.

I’m in the UK and will send within EU.
I’m looking to get back

£270 for the Nova 3
£400 for the Air + Case

£650 if you take them both.

Payment will have to be done via PayPal to protect us both before I send them out, once done I’ll send them recorded and signed.

Will attach pictures if there’s interest.

Dictionary links - by tgerdino with 0 comments

Have anyone gotten links inside dictionary entries to work?

The behaviour I’m getting is described here:

Wondering if this a bug or simply not implemented… (I suspect the latter)

Will the Note Air ever be back in stock on Amazon UK - by Ffgamer157 with 0 comments

I’d preferably like to get the Air on Amazon but I don’t know how long it’s been unavailable. If there’s little chance it’s coming back should I just buy it directly from the boox store?

Anyone here selling used Boox Nova 3? - by hogihogi with 0 comments

I am just looking to purchase used Boox Nova 3, if you want to sell it please let me know.

I have verified paypal and will pay for Goods & Service

I am in US

Swiping open the tool tray in Notes (Boox Note 3) - by flemmish-ninjitsu with 0 comments

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere before, but I couldn’t turn up anything with Google.

When writing in Notes in the full screen mode, one has a floating tool bar that can be collapsed much like the one in NeoReader. But in Notes this bar has a behavior that the one in NeoReader doesn’t, which I would like to stop: when the tool bar is collapsed, swiping from the edge of the screen will pop it open again. It’s not very discriminating about what it considers a swipe, so writing anything on the right side of the screen has a good chance of popping it open due to my writing hand touching the edge of the screen. It does this whether or not touch has otherwise been disabled, and I can’t find any settings which change this behavior.

Is there a way to prevent the “swipe to open tray” in Notes? Or am I just out of luck?

Error updating Apps in Google Play Store - by primolak with 0 comments

This was never an issue before on my Note Air but I cannot update applications from the Play Store. It says error checking for update.

The device is registered and has all my apps installed but won’t check now. I have restarted and force quit as well.

Anyone else ever see this?

Selling Note Air (new, unused) UK - by robodan918 with 0 comments

I’ve posted it to ebay if anyone’s interested

also selling my Note 2

reason for sale: bought the Note Air as an upgrade to Note 2, but then realised I need more screen real estate and bought the Max Lumi

How do I turn off the notification bell sound when I change the volume with the slider on my Note 3? - by ewfwe34t5 with 0 comments

as above, it’s an unpleasant noise

Can’t find apps installed via Play Store - by MicaelJM with 0 comments

My Boox Note Air just arrived, and I’ve done all firmware updates available (am now on version 2021-04-08_15-02_3.1_9821c17). I’ve also done a factory reset after it was on the latest version.

I’ve enabled the Google Play Store and restarted the device.

I can browse the Play Store just fine, I can install and update apps, but I can’t find the installed apps on the “Apps” tab on the main screen. I can see them if I go to the Play Store, then “My apps” then “Installed”, and I can open them from there, but that’s quite a long way to go to reach my apps.

Help? Split screen fail - by cucumbernerd with 1 comments

Bug report: Onyx Boox Note Air sometimes detects the pen when it’s not touching the screen - by cimocw with 0 comments

My wife bought this model a month ago for note taking and it has worked well, except for this annoying behavior. It starts randomly while writing and consists in the screen recognizing the pen (and drawing a line) when the tip is not making contact with it, just hovering like 1-2cm over the surface of the tablet. This happened a couple times last week and we solved it by restarting the device, but it just happened again and a restart didn’t help.

trouble with google play - by zoozee with 0 comments

i bought an onyx boox nova 3, annd im trying to activate google play, I keep getting a message “this device isnt play protect certified, your device isnt certified to run google apps or use google services”. Has anybody experienced this and know what to do?

PDF margins question - by Yautia5 with 0 comments

Hello, I purchased my Lumi for sheet music, among other purposes, and I find that the margins on some items are not what I would like (for the purpose of filling up the screen space so that the music is not too tiny), and the zoom in feature doesn’t always work the way I would prefer.

What is your favorite tool to trim all the extra space from PDFs so that they would look better on the limited screen space?
I find the Adobe PDF print custom zoom tool to be not quite adequate for this purpose.

Is this normal or an error? (The previous pages still faintly visible in the background) - by Ytomato29 with 2 comments

Best way to export PDFs with annotations/markups? - by KobeBryantDaGod24 with 0 comments

What’s the best way to mark up a PDF, then export that PDF *with* my etchings? My understanding is Neo Reader can’t do this. I have a Max Lumi with updated firmware.

I read a post with a Google Drive technique, but it seemed pretty cumbersome. Was wondering if anyone had found a miracle app that did it better.