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What kind of keyboards and mouses are preferred ? - by -Donatello- with 0 comments

Bluetooth seems to be preferred in combination with Onyx tablets. What about cable-bound or wireless ?

I’ve used a cable-bound on my E-ink phone and honestly it was fine.

Also, kind of a side question : Do Onyx tablets have matte E-ink screens (like kindle does) ?

Best assecories for Nova 3 - by Ok-Toe-518 with 0 comments

Hello. I use my Nova 3 mostly for reading. I’m looking for the best assecories for it. First a case that would ideally help me hold it with one hand. Secondly if possible some Bluetooth page Turner so I don’t have to press on it all the time. Third I want a little back possibly waterproof that also can get a water bottle, but something small just for my boox. Please feel free to comment with suggestions for each. Thank you.

Can the pen on the Note Air be used in a “hover pointer” mode? - by cimocw with 0 comments

Today I was testing the Virtual Tablet app to use the Note Air as a low-end wacom for my windows PC, and it works, but the bad news is you lose the position of the pen as soon as you lift it from the screen surface. I also tested the app with a Samsung Tablet that comes with a small Galaxy Pen and it showed the position of the cursor as I was “hovering” the pen over the screen, just like a wacom bamboo. This also happens by default when using the tablet, you get the pen close to the screen and a small circle appears, letting you know what you’re pointing at.

Is there a way to enable this behavior on the Onyx so I can get the full wacom experience?

CBZ file wonkiness - by IratuSuzanno with 0 comments

So, I usually sideload CBZ files that I’ve bundled myself by zipping up several folders, each folder having an issue of a comic. I’ve discovered that this still manages to separate the issues of a comic perfectly well, instead of mixing the pages all together. (The pages are all labeled 001, 002, 003, etc, for each issue).

On the Poke 2 Color, I can still read the comics on the default reader with the folder content separated. However, trying to read this multi-folder files on the Nova 3 Color, the default program (which I assume is the same one), instead mixes all the files together and ignores folder divisions.

It’s a mild inconvenience, admittedly, but I like to pack comics as digital volumes for conveniences sake. Is there some option I can tweak on the default program so it maintains folder separation?

Alternatively, apps like Readlr maintain folder separation, but have staining issues; the default reader can be set to refresh every page turn, but I have to manually refresh for apps like Readlr, so it’s not a great alternative.

Just curious if there is a simple quick-fix, or if I need to go back to zipping individual issues.

Sketch app? - by ctuna89 with 0 comments

What is a good app for sketch? Notes isn’t because is a vector app so you can erase a part of a line, tried sketchbook from Autodesk but is laggy.
Any recommendations for a onyx note air?

New models when? - by ftanyol with 0 comments

Hi there, I’ve been waiting for a while now expecting new Note model would come out soon. Anyone has any idea when the new models are going to come out? Or should I buy the existing Note 3? I’m sure that the next day I bought the old version, new ones will come out :sleepy:

Any case for the nova 3 (color)? - by HoneyVG with 0 comments

Any ideas? Seems like I can’t find one of those anywhere beside a out of stock one on Amazon.

Has anyone encountered any issues using the O’Reilly App? - by kysymysz with 0 comments

Looking to buy an Onyx Boox to use with an O’Reilly online subscription to upskill my tech knowledge. Has anyone used this app/service on a Nova3, Note3, or Air? Just wondering if a larger e-reader is better or if there are any scrolling/paging issues.

USB-C charger? - by Masonecv with 0 comments

Hi, would the apple charger USb-C work to charge my Note Air? I believe the charger is 20W. does that matter?

Boox Nova 3 BW Export Drawing Request - by monniebiloney with 0 comments

Hi! I have found images of people take pictures of their screen with a phone of their drawings, but I want to see how it looks after it’s exported to your computer!

for example, I saw that the remarkable 2 gets super ‘pixelated’ when exported, so I’d like to compare that aspect! The SuperNote A5x looked good.

Why: ^(I’m thinking of getting an E-ink reader to use as a reader (for Japanese books) and as a line-art device. I currently make line-art on my phone(and color it in on my computer), but I’ve dropped it(my phone) one to many times, so some parts of my screen is unresponsive and it’s getting a little annoying to sketch on, and so since I kind of want an E-ink reader for reading books outside anyway, I thought I might as well kill two birds with one stone and get a note-taker type of e-reader. The fact the Nova 3 lets you use some android apps makes me want it over the SuperNote a6x cuz it gives me access to like bookwalker(amazon kind sometimes wants VPNs), and possibly Anki as well (a flashcard app). The fact that its also cheaper than the supernote is also a bonus. But if the exported image is like the remarkable then It wouldn’t be worth it, ya know?)

trouble syncing onyx account - by unfocsedbanana with 0 comments

Hi all, I’m new to boox (just got my note air on tuesday!). I’m trying to sync my notes with the push.boox website. When I put in my email to the website, I get the verification code with no problem. But when I put my email when prompted on the device, I get nothing. The same thing happens if I use my mobile number instead. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks!

Best reader app? - by Systemout1324 with 0 comments

I have a note air and really like it however I like some of the features of the popular KOreader app and some from the native Neoreader(TTS, annotations) app and would just like to know what people use?


My biggest problem with the Neoreader is the status bar at the botton. In KOreader I can have estimated hours tor read book and total page count for book and just generally customize it a lot. Is that possible in neoreader? Also the integration with Calibre is really nice. My biggest problem with KOreader is that the text/pictures is not as crisp.


What do you use?

How do I get to ePub notes without split screen - by ccarr1025 with 0 comments

I just got my Nova 3 2 days ago. Everything is going well.

I found that I love the idea of having a notepad for each of the epubs I have on the device. I can read a book, and take notes along the way, but the only way I’ve found to open said notes while reading an epub in neo-reader is to switch to split view doc/notes.

I’m on a nova, that results in a very small notes page. I know I can back out of the book and open the note in the notes app, but there’s got to be a way to trigger that from inside the book right? Like open the menu in Neo reader and click a notes button I’m missing?

Thanks for any help.

Which models come with a screen protector already applied? - by probortunity with 0 comments

Onyx Boox Nova 3 won’t connect via usb - by VoxxSkies with 0 comments

I’m unable to get my nova 3 to connect to my computer via usb, I’m fine using wifi to move books over, but I want to set up a new dictionary on the device.

I can’t seem to find any of the settings that relate to usb aside from the usb debugging toggle, which is not helpful as I can’t get my computer to recognize that it is connected. It is charging via usb however.

Dictionary app locked rotation - by 4zuraii with 0 comments

Just received my note air today and after using it for a bit, I’ve noticed that the default dictionary app is locked into the default portrait position and doesn’t rotate 180 degrees to the opposite portrait mode. If I open it while flipped 180 degrees, it automatically opens in the default rotation and it can’t be changed.

Is this a common bug?

Edit: only happens with auto rotation enabled. It respects the desired rotation if it’s manually set.

Best stylus and nib combo note air - by cucumbernerd with 0 comments

Okay, so I have a note air and I love it, can’t believe I didn’t make the jump sooner.
Ofc I managed to drop the stylus that comes with it and broke the nib. Now fear not, I am not pen less, I have a staedtler norris jumbo, which I like but the nib is somewhat rubbery. Wondering what stylus/ nib combos ideally with an eraser will provide a nice paperlike experience other than the remarkable plus one because that thing is stupidly expensive.

I do often use pencil grips on them so I guess eraser button ideally not where that would go but isn’t necessarily a deal breaker for me if the pen writes beautifully.

Availability of old firmware versions - by Xilef11 with 0 comments


I just found out that the Note Air firmware v3.1 (2021-03-18) suffers from this bug where the PDF annotations can’t be saved/embedded on some PDFs. Since this completely breaks my workflow, I’d like to roll back to a prior version (hopefully without the need for a full factory reset) while waiting for a fix, but I can’t find the files on the website. Does anyone know if the files are available somewhere or if it’s otherwise possible to go back to a previous firmware?


Evernote? - by not_your_barbie with 0 comments

Hi!! Anyone uses Evernote on a Note 3, Lumi Max or another Onyx Boox device? I use Evernote for work, and would like to be able to use it on my future new tablet/reader. I’m still deciding wich one to get, and that info counts to my decision. Thank you very much!

Look where the Box Air made it to folks! :slight_smile: Just got it last week and I’m loving it. Been searching for something like this for years - by 0xabab with 0 comments