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Lumi hard case question - by Yautia5 with 0 comments

Thinking about getting a Lumi for sheet music, but I have a question.
The Onyx case for my old Note is rather poor, i could never trust it by itself, always felt more secure inside something else, but this adds bulk, especially for something the size of the Lumi.

Is there anything truly trustworthy to protect the Lumi without much bulk? Air travel and backpacking are some use ideas (not as checked luggage of course).

Open epub/mobi+notes on Macbook - by Brontide7 with 0 comments

I recently bought a Boox Note Air and am slowly figuring out how everything works. What I like is that it’s relatively easy to copy epub’s/mobi’s - that are available via the company I work for - onto my Note Air and do all the highlighting and annotating that helps me study.

What I’m struggling with are the exporting options. Is there a way to open the full epub/mobi on my Macbook and see the highlights and annotations I previously made on my Note Air?

onyx nova pro/neoreader problems after update - by habys with 0 comments

Anyone else do the big android 9 update? I have a serious problem. In Neoreader most forward page turns are doubled, so I have to constant turn back a page. This only seems to affect Neoreader and only touching on the right half to page forward. This is driving me nuts, especially since it doesn’t detect touches so well in the first place so you can end up needing to touch the screen several times to get to the next page…

Issue with the Onyx Boox Air right side of the screen, Is my device faulty? - by Anselm98 with 0 comments


This is basically what happens if I trace a straight line on the device. The whole right side is way less responsive, I have to press really hard for the screen to register the stylus. I’m not sure if this is a \“normal\” occurrence in the Onyx Boox Air or if I received a faulty unit and should ask for a refund.

Dictionary not displaying definitions in NeoReader - by apa-sl with 0 comments

I have checked and made sure that I have downloaded English definitions. Despite that on my nova 3 in the default neoreader when I highlight any word I cannot see any dictionary definition. Why is that?

Table of Contents for Notepads - by puuh-er with 0 comments

Is there any way to create a TOC in my notepads? Like highlighting some of the written words and have them accessible in a list? I’m aware of the search funktion, and I think it’s pretty impressive in terms of recognition, but it takes way to long. Thank you for your answers!

Perfect Screen Protector on Max Lumi (see comments) - by ScaredParty with 0 comments

Note Air Folio Case Stylus Holder - by shoggoths_away with 0 comments

I ordered the newer folio case for the Note Air (the one with the tray that the Note Air rests in), and my case didn’t come with a holder for the stylus. I was under the impression that a holder that could be affixed to the case via a 3M backing would be included. Did I get a defective package? Or is the stylus holder only included with the old no-tray folio case?


Boox Android App Issues - by TrendyGuy with 0 comments

Hello all,

Just got a Boox Note Air and am trying to utilize the android companion app. I would like to be able to push files and view my notes. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get the app to work. I connected the app to my boox account and I see my device but push doesn’t work or viewing my synced notes.

Any tips?

Doodroo Screen Protector for Boox Note 2? - by CaptainStarmander with 0 comments

I’ve been reading through here and it sounds like the Doodroo screen protector gives you the best paper-like feel. I was wondering if the Onyx Boox Screen Protector fits the Boox Note 2’s screen, or if it only fits the Note Air.

Using Play Books with Poke 3 - by msbunbury with 0 comments

Hi everyone I’m new, just unwrapped a Poke 3 for my birthday present and I’m struggling with Play Books, I’ve installed the app but on opening I just get a message that the device I’m using isn’t certified, I’m sure it’s an easy fix but can anyone help please?

Note Air not detected by PC/Driver software? - by puuh-er with 0 comments


i have a problem with connecting my note air to my windows10 pc via usb. It doesn’t recognize the device, i tried all usb ports, used different cables, including the delivered one. Restarting didn’t help either. However, with usb debugging enabled, the note air gets recognized via adb (but I don’t know how to use that to tranfer files etc).The FAQ tells me to install/update the drivers on the pc, but i couldn’t find them in the first place? So can anybody help me with that? Thanks!

How to get 4:3 resolution for Max Lumi on Ubuntu? - by jimmyriba with 0 comments

My main reason for buying the Max Lumi was its capability to connect with HDMI and the “Monitor”-app as an external screen to my laptop, to allow me to work outside in the sunshine. This works pretty well, except that I can only choose 16:9 modes (e.g. 1920x1080), giving me just a narrow strip of my nice A4-sized tablet to work on.

Does anyone know how to get the Max Lumi to connect with the full 1920x1440 resolution, or the recommended 1400x1050 resolution (which still gives me the full screen to work on)?

I have tried adding the modes using xrandr, following the instructions here: How to Set A Custom Screen Resolution in Ubuntu Desktop | UbuntuHandbook
However, while I can switch to the new modes, it just gives me a garbled screen until it switches back to the old resolution. Any help with this would be extremely highly appreciated!

Thank you so much in advance.

This seems to be happening to a few people: unable to sign-in to google account on device. Firmware up to date. “There was a problem connecting to”. Does anyone have a fix? - by redFenning22 with 1 comments

I own and test both Noris Digital, here is my opinion - by ctuna89 with 1 comments

Disable pen input on PDF? - by Yautia5 with 1 comments

How do I set the pen to be disabled by default, for input on PDF files?

I rather mark PDF files when I actually want to, not when I casually touch the screen.


New Nova 3 owner. Uneven front light? - by L13on with 0 comments

So I just got my Nova 3 and am really enjoying it for Kindle, ePub, and PDF reading! However, I do notice that the lower 1/3 of the screen is slightly dimmer when I turn on the frontlight. It’s kinda annoying while reading at night. I heard that a lot of e-readers suffer from an uneven frontlight, is this to be expected? It would suck if I had a defective unit and had to return it.

How can I show the top bar (status bar) on the Nova in app with the new firmware? - by kotobuki09 with 0 comments

Screen darkens in direct sunlight - especially when annotating… How do I fix this? Onyx Boox Nova 2 - by lichtroze with 0 comments

Saving notes and annotations in a PDF file - by blablabla111111111 with 0 comments


I don’t have an Onyx device yet, but I’m considering buying one. I have 2 questions:

  • Can I highlight PDF and take notes within the PDF? I guess, yes. But will these highlights and notes be available when I copy the PDF from the eReader to the computer? The thing is, I want to work both on my PC and on the eReader and when I copy a PDF from the eReader to the PC the notes and highlights should be there, they should basically be saved within the PDF itself and not some new document.


  • Do Onxy devices support a folder structure like on my PC. I basically want to copy all the books from my PC, which I have organized in folders and subfolders, and I want them to appear just like that. Unfortunately, I have read, that the eReader ignores my file structure and just places everything in the same place and then lets me organize it, without changing the actual place where the PDF is saved, so it’s more a “virtual folder structure”
    • Somewhere I have read though that there is a directory mode. If that’s true: Does it work the way I want? So does it display all the folders and subfolders the way I have copied them on the device and with the PDFs and ePubs within those files?