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The best pen for the Boox Note Air: The Lamy EMR - by cheburashkadev with 0 comments

I love my Note Air. But the stock Boox pen isn’t the best pen for it.

>For the record I did buy the Remarkable 1 and 2, and the Boox Note Air, with the intention of keeping one. I returned the Remarkables, because compared to the Boox Note Air they are bricks. I did add a $10 esr screen protector (aliexpress) to improve the writing experience.

Here’s why I settled on the Lamy EMR for my Note Air:


  1. The form factor of the pen is so comfortable you will forget you are using a stylus. It’s just the same form as the traditional pens we all know. And if you have other Lamy’s you can even change it.

  2. You can use different nibs. I use the Lamy POM, because they create more friction on the screen protector. But you can also use ESR nibs for glass or nibs from Remarkable.

  3. It has an eraser button.

  4. It has a top that protects the nib when you are carrying it.

  5. The build quality of the pen is awesome.

Hope this helps! I loved it so much I wanted to share it.

Notion app with Boox - by NewPhase2 with 0 comments

Does anyone use Notion? How is the app on the platform? Specifically interested in Nova 2 or other Android 9 Boox device.

My new Onyx Boox Air has arrived. I am officially happy! - by cheburashkadev with 0 comments

I need case for my Boox Note Air - by warrencbennett with 1 comments

Are there any suggestions? I need something so I can put it in a bag and not be worried that it’ll get scarred up.

too large text box - by Psychopatrik74 with 0 comments

When I use the “insert text” function in notes, the text-box that pops up is very large (full page width and multiple rows). The horizontal size can be dragged to size, but I cannot adjust the vertical size. This means I cannot insert a single line text box.

What am I doing wrong?



I was gifted a Boox Note 2 but I’m not very knowledgeable nor tech savvy…what great things am I able to do on my Boox Note? - by javo78 with 0 comments

Updated pen on Nova 3 - quite a surprise - by apa-sl with 0 comments

Today I have picked my new Nova 3 as an upgrade from Nova 2. I was pleasant surprised to find… An updated pen model in the box (as reviewers mentioned that it was a potty that the pen was not updated).

It is noticeably thicker (sits tightly in official cover pen loop) and 3 sided instead of circular shape.

Overloading my Note2 battery! What should I do? - by nerdpuncher420 with 2 comments

I charged my Note2 with a different USB-C and I thought it fine because it gave me a blue light. Tried to use it this morning and found it frozen at the charging screen with no more light. Holding down the power doesn’t seem to do anything. Should I change the battery?

Buying e-reader Online (Canada) - by wasindecember2015 with 0 comments

Did anyone ever buy ereaders from the website GoodReader: How is their services?

New to Boox - Poke 3 / Neoreader question - by quietcomposer with 0 comments

Hello! I just purchased a Poke 3 and really like it so far. Previously, I used ReadEra on my cell phone and love the way books can be organized by series (including the numerical order within the series), author, etc. Is there a way to do that with the stock reader on the Poke 3? All I have seen so far are shelves.
I understand that I can download ReadEra - I’m just curious if it’s possible with the stock reader as well.

Freestylusin’ with the Boox Note 3 (an aha moment, but artwork not my own) - by Editorbanks with 0 comments

Boox Air vs Supernote - by Winejug87 with 0 comments

I’m on the fence between this and a Note Air. Essentially I want three functions on a device:

  • Kindle
  • Writing
  • Annotating PDFs

I love to read, I read all the time on my kindle app. I also am in grad school and I do a ton of academic reading and I would love to be able to markup my PDFs and highlight them, then sync those PDFs with my Onedrive folder where I keep all of my data. Lastly, I would love to have scratch paper available all the time, jot down thoughts, make lists, etc. As a bonus, if there’s a way to make my todo list the screensaver, that would make me happy too.

Do the new Onyx Boox Airs that are shipping out coming with a preinstalled screen protector? Is it glass or plastic film you make contact with when writing?

Lastly, has anyone tried the Onyx with the Obsidian app? It’s a note taking app.

download full notepad on the computer - by M0360 with 0 comments

when I am downloading a notepad, only one page is being downloaded. Does someone know how to download the complete notepad?

How to search handwritten notes taken on Onyx Boox devices? - by m00qek with 0 comments

Hello everyone,

I’m a happy owner of a Boox Note Air for the past two weeks. I use it mainly to take notes and annotate PDF documents and the build in search feature has been very useful.

I’ve been auto exporting all my docs and notes using Dropbox but I would like to export them in a way that I could search my handwritten notes on my computer or, if possible, phone. Do you know how to do that?

What apps have you folks installed? - by Kasper-Hviid with 0 comments

I’m really enjoying my Boox Max Lumi. It’s awesome for comics, the note tool is great, even if it could be more geared for drawing, and I really love that it doesn’t have any stupid webcam. Now, which apps are worth getting?

I imagine that the e-ink screen might work relatively well with games that doesn’t require constant screen refresh, like card or board games. The screen is also big enough to use as a piano – better than on my mobile in any case.

The default viewer was okay for comic. I took a look at the Tachiyomi comic reader, but it looked a bit too heavy when I just want something to open .cbz files. I have not checked out VIZ Manga or Challenger Comics Viewer yet.

I have downloaded Old Standard which is a nice font for older books, and KJV1611 which is an okay blackletter font.

Selling my Nova 2 Germany - by otniel77 with 0 comments

I am selling my Nova 2 because I don’t use and need it as I was expecting when I purchased it.
I bought it 1 and a half month ago, and I have barely used it (I estimate that I have used it not more than 5 hours in total).

The tablet is in a very good condition and I sell it with all the original packing content, same as if you would buy it as new.

I ask for 200€ + shipping cost. I am located in Germany, Magdeburg. I think it is a great deal since there is little difference between Nova 2 and 3, and the price of the Nova 3 is almost the double I am asking for.

I will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Do I have a lemon? - by anonymous_potato with 0 comments

My wife just got an Onyx Boox Poke 3, and the screen has burn-in ghost images:

Navigating also seems very laggy. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Edit: this is the sleep screen:

which file types support embed and export on ereader device? - by myprojectabac123 with 0 comments


I am using Nova 3 and I like to write comment on books. However, as I know, there is pdf file which can support saving notes.

I hoped that epub can support it since I can change font size and font family but I can’t.

Are there any other file type supporting exporting notes on books?

Thank in advance.

Default brush/brush size in notes - by joshelg with 0 comments

I don`t really like the ballpoint pen because it isn`t dark enough for me at times but the paint brush is a little thick at size 2 and have to manually adjust it to 1 or less.

Is there a way to universally default to a certain brush type and brush size for all notes?

Nova 2 Pen compatibility with Wacom drawing tablet - by Spare-Bluejay8766 with 1 comments

Hey all, I’ve had my Nova 2 for about a year now, and I was wondering if the pen is compatible with one of the Wacom drawing tablets (which the pen has disappeared).