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Tilt recognition of the pen on onyx boox devices. - by addonnexus with 0 comments

So, i see that the devices with wacom EMR tech (Nova 3, Nova 3 color, …) have tilt recognition for the pen.

i tried on neoreader but nothingg, i tried a 3rd app (Sketchbook) and… IT WORKS!!

i was wondering why we don’t have tilt recognition on the boox stock apps?

How are notes organized on boox note? - by Pale-Variation9589 with 0 comments

Hi all,

I am considering buying either a boox note 3 or note air, mainly to take notes for work. I now take notes primarily in a moleskin, and go crazy having projects mixed all across different pages.
However I can’t seem to find a good source explaining the options for organizing notebooks. Even my deep guide doesn’t delve into it in any recent video’s.

My main questions are:

  • can you map multiple notebooks together?
  • can you archive old notebooks once you don’t directly need them anymore?

Any help (including links to helpful references) is much appreciated!

Writing Landscape on a Horizontal Note - by ashdxb_core with 1 comments

Hey guys,
I want to buy a note air for next semester and am afraid the A5 screen might be too small (the lumi is way over my budget) so i figured that maybe there’s a way to make A4 notes and write on them on landscape and kinda scroll my way down the page as i write (similiar to what you’d do on an ipad). I reckon it’s possible on a pdf template but i want whatever i write to be searchable with shapes and all so thats not a good solution.
Is it possible in the notes app? If not, is there any other way I’m missing?

My Deep Guide review of the Boox Nova 3 Color is very good ! (And not much positive than mine about the color tech used) - by L0lil0l0 with 0 comments

Boox Rumors . . . - by Disastrous_Analyst_1 with 0 comments

Having done a lot of research on note taking eInk devices, and owning the Note Air and Nova 3 Color, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best possible device would be the hardware of the Remarkable 2, the software of the Boox Note Air, and the screen size of the Max Lumi. Probably the closest this can come to reality is a “Note Air” treatment of the Max Lumi. Anyone know of any rumors like that? I know that color seems to be the next thing at those screen sizes, but I’m hoping for a more premium 13.3" experience. I probably shouldn’t complain, as the Note Air has replaced paper for me at work and I’m super stoked about using it, but I really could use more real estate for my notes without having to swipe over. Anyway, just thought I’d inquire if there’s anything potentially in the works.

note Air update - by L0lil0l0 with 0 comments

Webpage font too big in Confluence app - by sirjofri with 0 comments


I just noticed the webpage font in the Confluence app is too big to be useful. Especially on an e-ink device you want to prevent scrolling too much and I’d like to decrease the font size further, but 100 is the limit.

In Confluence, all pages are webpages, so it affects all Confluence pages, but not the Android UI. I also tried playing around with dpi settings in the app optimizer.

Btw a quick tip for other Confluence users: disable the “Webpage font bold” checkbox in the “Other” section.

Boox Note Air 2 - by ashdxb_core with 0 comments

Note Air owners: would you advise to wait for the next iteration that is probably coming out later this year or not? Is there anything you feel like you’re missing out on? what do you think the next Note Air will look like/improve on?

Excessive ghosting seem to be a software issue. - by BrunoGAlbuquerque with 0 comments

So I bought the Nova 3 Color and I really like it (yes, colors are dull and yes, it requires backlight on almost all the time, but it is still great to be able to read comics in color). One annoying thing that I noticed about it is the constant ghosting (left over from previous images) that seem to happen all the time.

I also have a Note Air and it never had this issues so originally I thought it was due to the color display in the Nova 3 but, then, my Note Air got the latest software updates and I am now seeing ghosting everywhere on it too!

At first I tried to fix it simply by assigning Full Screen Refresh to a gesture and that makes things better but them I have to use the gesture all the time when reading comics.

Trying to find a better way to solve this, I noticed the the context menu on long-pressing an app icon has an option to “Optimize” apps and this lets you set several per-app settings and I was able to get Comixology app to automatically do full refreshes whenever the image changes and now I do not have to do manual refreshes anymore (and I also manage to disable to option to make everything white which ends up making controls disappear)! Except that this worked on the Nova 3 but the exact same settings did not work on the Note Air (I still get ghosting on image change).

So, to make a long story short, it does look like they were trying to improve refresh speed on the devices and end up with a solution that causes a lot of ghosting so I wonder if this will get fixed eventually in a software update. It turns out it is not a Nova 3 Color only issue.

habit tracker template for free - by rainbowsnake69 with 0 comments

Copy the file ‘habit-tracker.png’ in the folder ‘noteTemplate’.

I use it on my nova 3.

Have fun !

Disabling Google Play after installing needed apps - Nova 3 - by SomeTomboy with 0 comments

I have had Nova 3 for 2 days now.

So far:

I enabled Google Play store yesterday.

Yesterday, I installed the following apps from that store:
Gmail (I think of uninstalling it, because it seems I won’t need it on that device),
Google Books.

I updated the device right after opening the box over the WiFi.

I have set Don’t disturb mode.

I have frozen all the installed apps + Neoreader (when unused) and Email built-in apps

I have front light, WiFi and Bluetooth turned off. I turn them on only when needed.

Yesterday, I charged battery to 100% from ~65%.

Today I used my device for ~2h 20 mins. Google Play enabled. Front light off. Bluetooth off. WiFi for most of the time off, I turned it on only to test manga reading on Google Books and Gmail. I think that these tests on WiFi could last up to 20-30 mins, maybe longer. Tested writing for a couple of minutes (~5-10 mins). Rest of the time was reading epubs on Neo reader or testing settings. As a result, the battery dropped from 100% to 93%.

Is this drop normal considering the above scenario?

Can disabling Google Play store after obtaining needed apps improve battery life? Is this even possible after installing any apps from there?

Do you have any other tips for better battery results? This my first e-reader in my life.

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

My Note Air homescreen! Feel free to ask in the comments which apps I use - by Spigaw with 0 comments

Can I add an annotated pdf to my notes? (Note air) - by finishedtomorrow with 0 comments

Hey, I have been able to add a PNG of my annotated pdf page by page after I export it to the notes folder.


I am wondering if I can do this without changing the format of the PDF and adding it all in one go (to my notes)?


Thank you in advance

For Sale: Boox Note Air (New Open Box) - by Levi_called_Biff with 0 comments

Hey y’all,

I have an unused Note Air I’d like to sell. In original box and packaging, only briefly opened. Really liked the versatility of this device, but ended up liking the look and feel of the Remarkable 2 too much and wasn’t fond of the front light anyway.

Comes with stock case, screen protector, pen, and extra nibs.

Shipping from Seattle, Washington, USA.

Price: $450 USD + shipping (slightly less than my cost).

Will provide shipping quote on request. Prefer direct payment with PayPal Goods and Services, and will provide tracking upon receipt.


Also have an Supernote A5X in same condition for sale here.

Working with an pdf calendar copy & paste & delete - by mm_b_ with 0 comments

Nova 2 bind with OneNote - by Titivillus90 with 1 comments

Hi! I have my Nova 2 for a while now and I want to bind the notes with OneNote through my work email (MS office).

In the setup OneNote keeps telling me; ‘That Microsoft account doesn’t exist. Enter a different account or get a new one.’ Does anybody know how to fix this?

I’ve added my work email to the accounts in Nova 2 and checked with the IT dept. but all settings are like they need to be. I can receive my work and private email… Everything except binding it with OneNote… I can’t find any solution on the internet so far.

The integrating of the note-taking of OB with OneNote and other services is one of its main selling points, in my opinion…

Stylus Latency in 3rd Party Apps? (Language Learner) - by satsuma_sada with 0 comments

Hi All! I ordered a Note Air to use primary as an Ereader + Language study tool. I work in English and Japanese, and am currently studying Chinese. I was hoping to use this device to also run third party Chinese writing apps, but I watched a youtube video saying that the stylus doesn’t work in third party apps?

I already have an ipad, but I have a degenerative retina disease, and my eye doctor has told me to start avoiding backlit screens as much as possible. I was hoping to continue using simple language study apps ( think LingoDeer and Hello Chinese) on this device while saving my eye.

Has anyone used their Boox device as a language study device? Could you use the stylus to write in apps? (I want to write my Chinese and Japanese characters).

I’ll return the device and hope for a better future device if this is really the case. :(.

Left Justify for Neoreader? - by Relevant_Knee with 0 comments

Maybe this is already known but I couldn’t find much information about this. Is there any way to left justify or left align text in Neoreader?

I’m on a Nova 3 and all books are always fully justified (text runs all the way to the right edge of screen). Personal preference, but this is hard for me to read with the awkward spacing and hyphenation. I’ve tried various formats, Mobi, Epub, Azw3, etc. without luck.

I noticed the latest update has a setting for Epubs called “Original layout” but it only has one icon available.

I’ve been using the Kindle app instead, and all my books from Calibre with the text set to left align appear fine in that app.

Thanks for any help or pointers.

Nova 3 Screensavers - by pin_920 with 0 comments

Can anyone post a collection of the Nova 3 screensavers? I have Nova 2 but got a glimpse of these from Poke 3 & found them much more enticing than stock Nova 2.


Extremely disappointed - The Nova 3 Color display sits in the uncanny valley between paper and an actual led screen. - by Xandal with 0 comments

I’ve been looking into e-readers for a while now and finally decided to commit to the new Nova Color 3. There are so many things about it that stood out to me - reading manga and comics, note taking, access to my Google Drive for lesson planning. I was so excited as I waited the week for it to ship.

But… I just can’t help but feel disappointed after getting my hands on it. I upgraded from an old Kindle Keyboard that I’ve had for over a decade and the e-ink pearl display looks more like paper, is easier to read in the sunlight, has no glare, and in general is just easier on the eyes.

I thought that a new display would be an improved version of what I already had with Android and the bonus of disconnecting from the Amazon ecosystem. However, it just feels like it sits in this uncanny valley between paper and an led screen. It’s not as crisp as my phone screen and it’s not as easy to read as my kindle - It’s like a weird compromise between the two and does neither well. Even the backlight seems to be as bright as my phone, which just isn’t ideal for late night reading in the dark.

Are there any settings I could mess with to alleviate my biggest qualms or did I just order the wrong kind of product? Did I misunderstand what I was ordering?

I really want to like this ereader - I don’t want to have to return it. Please, if anyone had a similar issue upon purchase and figured out a solution let me know.