Best cover for the Boox Note Air?

Onyx sells an official cover for the Boox Note Air:

I heard people say that it looks cheap though, and the shipping price to reach me is higher than the price of the case itself :disappointed:

Are there any better cases for the Boox Note Air? I see plenty for the Note 3 and Nova Pro, but can’t seem to find any for the Note Air.

This one has lots of good reviews:

I’m very tempted to get it myself :slight_smile:


It looks so pretty! :heart_eyes_cat: And I especially like this:

The ONYX BOOX is attached with selfadhesive velcro. One part is sewn on the backside and the other part is attached on the tablet. Works perfect.

Such a good idea. I don’t know why more covers don’t use velcro.

But this cover is handmade so it’s even more expensive than the official cover. Maybe as an early Christmas present? :thinking: